Creating the
Clean-Energy Future Today

Clean Energy

We’re working to get as clean as we can, as fast as we can, while maintaining safety, reliability, and affordability.

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46% CUT

in carbon emissions, 2005-2021.

38% CUT

in methane emissions, 2010-2021.

Habitat & Biodiversity

From improving waterways to coordinating with conservation groups, we’re protecting habitats and the plants and animals that call them home.

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in fresh water withdrawn per megawatt generated since 2000.

446 acres

of habitat added for pollinators.

Sustainable Communities

We serve our vision when we serve others — by engaging with our stakeholders so we can better understand their perspectives, by strengthening the communities in which we work, and by supporting worthy causes through our charitable and volunteer programs.

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$1 billion spent

with diverse suppliers in 2021 — a 24.5 percent increase over 2020.

75+ projects

reviewed for environmental-justice concerns in 2021.

Our People

We seek out top performers, treat them well, help them grow, and insist on valuing all our employees not just for what they do, but for who they are.

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57.5% diverse hiring

in 2021.

Up to $7,500 annual reimbursement

for employees participating in our Educational Assistance Program.