Clean Energy

More renewables. Lower emissions.
A greener portfolio for a healthier world.

We work tirelessly to produce energy that is safe, reliable, affordable and better for the planet.

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4th Largest solar portfolio
million annual spending to reduce methane emissions from gas pipelines
megawatts new solar and wind generation by 2022
Renewable Gas Partnership captures more emissions than it produces

We’re not just aware
of our impact on the environment
— we’re working to reduce it.

By 2030, we expect to cut our carbon emissions 55 percent versus 2005 levels and our methane emissions 50 percent versus 2010 levels.

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reduction in carbon emissions by 2050
250,000 tons methane kept out of the atmosphere over the past decade
54 tons of IT equipment reused or recycled in 2018
43,000 Acres converted to pollinator habitat
Serving Customers and Communities

Making a
difference in people’s lives.

$34.9 million contributed to social betterment in 2018 through energy assistance programs, grants to cultural and educational organizations, matching gifts and sponsorships.

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MILLION spent with diverse suppliers
126,000+ Hours of volunteer time donated by our employees
Environmental Justice policy adopted to safeguard the interests of underrepresented voices
Grants to arts, education and other worthy causes
Employee Experience

Seeking out top performers
from all walks of life,
and helping them grow.

We provide generous benefits and promote a culture of dignity, fairness and respect toward all.

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Best Year Ever for safety
of Employees participate in diversity and inclusion sessions
Educational Reimbursement (annual amount per non-union employee)
Up to 3 Weeks paid parental leave
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