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Supply Chain Sustainability

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Dominion Energy’s supply chain is an integral component of our overall commitment to sustainability.
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Supplier Diversity meeting

Management Approach

We recognize the value of enhancing environmental and social sustainability in procurement. Insisting that our suppliers demonstrate safe, responsible, and innovative practices reinforces a focus on sustainability throughout the economy. Our efforts are focused on increasing partnership and engagement with suppliers, industry peers, and employees to improve environmental and social sustainability performance, to implement best practices, and to minimize reportable environmental events.

Electric Utility Industry Sustainable Supply Chain Alliance

Supplier Diversity meeting

Since 2018 Dominion Energy has been a member of EUISSCA, which serves as a forum to benchmark and engage with 20 industry peers along with over 70 supplier affiliate members on environmental and social sustainability concerns.

  • In 2019 we relied on this peer collaboration and benchmarking to improve supply chain sustainability practices. Each utility member must complete an annual maturity assessment on corporate and supply chain sustainability practices. Based on this assessment, we have developed an internal sustainability framework to ensure continuous performance improvement.
  • Over 30 key suppliers were surveyed to assess and understand their supply chain environmental sustainability practices, social impacts, and environmental impacts. Seventy-eight percent of participants achieved positive environmental impact scores and 90 percent of participants achieved positive social impact scores. We will follow up with select participants to discuss capabilities and performance improvement opportunities.

Performance Highlights

  • At our central warehouse in Virginia we avoided $10 million in new purchases by repairing and reusing transformers, regulators, tools, and other equipment.
  • We established a Pallet Return Program at North Anna and Surry Power Stations leading to the reuse of 160 pallets, the prevention of 6,400 pounds of waste, and the reduction of 113 miles per week by leveraging existing routes.
  • We are engaged in a comprehensive Transformer and Transformer Oil Recycling Program where more than 99 percent of the materials with one supplier are recycled or made available for reuse, including over 12.1 million pounds of metal in 2019 and 132,000 gallons of transformer oil.
  • In partnership with a woman-owned full-service recycler, we’ve recycled more than 41 million pounds of ferrous, aluminum, copper, lead, and wood materials over the past three years.
  • Our shredded paper, which is destroyed and recycled to purified pulp, resulted in saving 3,254 trees, 1.3 million gallons of water, 72,000 gallons of oil, 760,000 kilowatts of energy, and 571 cubic yards of landfill space.
  • We partnered with a service provider in Utah to deliver laundered shop towels for fleet garages and have avoided disposing of 1,050 shop towels per week.
  • We minimized battery waste and excess costs through capacitor shelf life and battery exchange programs.
  • We partnered with a service provider to pilot a Print Smart program to reduce environmental impacts from printing.
  • An in-house Share Smart application was developed to promote sharing and reuse of unused office supplies.

Our view of social sustainability includes our efforts to promote diversity within our supply chain. See the section on Supplier Diversity for more information.

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