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We apply the principles of sustainability across the board — including in our places of work. This ensures our employees experience and cultivate a sustainable mindset throughout their workday — even when doing something as simple as pouring a cup of coffee.

What you should know

Dominion Energy is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our buildings and promoting sustainability in our offices.

Our Workplace Sustainability Advocates represent employees across the company, in all types of positions, who are passionate about improving sustainability in the workplace.

Management Approach


Stormwater Superstar

"Dominion Energy updated their Jackson Street campus along the Ottawa River, which involved considerable earth disturbance during construction. Their attractive landscape design, use of green space to manage stormwater runoff and impressive efforts during construction to control erosion and sediment have earned them a 2019 Stormwater Superstar distinction.”

— City of Lima and Allen (Ohio) Soil and Water Conservation District

The Workplace Sustainability Team is an intentionally grassroots-style collaboration among employees across the company who are passionate about sustainable ideas, providing a network and structure to bring those concepts to reality.

Workplace Sustainability provides a medium to communicate and build excitement around company initiatives, highlight investments and process improvements that make a difference in the buildings employees occupy every day, and share ideas for innovative new products and processes. A mix of programs fall within the Workplace Sustainability group, ranging from top-down company-level commitments to grassroots ideas directly from individual employees. Workplace Sustainability Team members become cultural advocates to their colleagues and communities.

Our Workplace

Employees showcase Workplace Sustainability program at annual Innovation Expo

Waste Reduction Programs

  • Recycling programs for typical office waste — paper, cardboard, plastic, and aluminum — are present at nearly all our corporate offices. In addition, we’re moving toward centralized waste collection to encourage better sorting and further reduce waste sent to landfills.
  • Centralized waste also encourages employee wellness, results in fewer plastic bags used as liners, and reduces custodial labor.
  • Our Corporate Composting program, launched in 2018, expanded to five locations in 2019, diverting more than 34 tons of food waste from landfills (equivalent to 30 tons of avoided carbon dioxide emissions).
  • In 2019, we launched new rechargeable battery programs for office batteries, and expanded battery recycling as we phase out disposables at nearly all of our corporate offices.
  • We’ve implemented sustainable coffee solutions for corporate offices, including zero-waste coffee machines and recycling programs for common coffee pods and packets.
  • We held seven “Zero Waste” meetings across the company in 2019, including our Innovation Expo and our “Careers in Energy” Diversity Student Conference.

LEED-certified office building in Richmond, Virginia

Building Construction & Management

  • We strive for Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) Silver-level certification in new office construction, not only to encourage environmental stewardship, but also to provide an optimized work environment for employees. LEED building practices support healthier, more productive workplaces, reduce stress on the environment by encouraging energy and resource-efficient buildings, and produce savings from increased building value and decreased utility costs.
    • In 2019, construction was finished on our new downtown Richmond, Va., office tower, 600 Canal Place, which received its LEED Gold certification in early 2020.
    • Our new Jackson Street office in Lima, Ohio, also received its LEED Silver certification in 2019, and was recognized as a 2019 “Stormwater Superstar” by the City of Lima and Allen Soil and Water Conservation District.
  • In renovations and building operation, we employ LEED best practices, including low-flow water fixtures, water-efficient landscaping, and LED lighting. We are also evaluating adding rooftop solar projects to our offices.
  • Many of our office buildings make use of Building Automation Systems (BAS), a network of computerized control panels that are programmed to control the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. A BAS can also control the lighting system and monitor other electric systems, like emergency generators, battery backup systems, and building power. These systems help us operate our offices more efficiently, saving water and energy.
  • Recognizing that Project Drawdown (a collaborative, nonprofit effort to help identify climate solutions) ranked Refrigerant Management as one of the top approaches to draw down greenhouse gases and reverse climate change, we maintain a robust system to track and manage our office’s refrigerant systems. In addition to ensuring none of our systems use chloroflourocarbons (CFCs), which are damaging both to the stratospheric ozone layer and extremely potent as a greenhouse gas, we are replacing our R-22 systems with R-410A systems.
  • We readily adopt new property management innovations, like autonomous electric mowers. In 2019, we deployed mowers in Columbia and Charleston, S.C., and another in Glen Allen, Va. In addition to avoiding the emissions of traditional gas-powered mowing equipment, these mowers should save us $5,000 per year in landscaping expense.
Project Plant It! Logo

Community Engagement

  • Our Corporate Composting program not only reduces waste and greenhouse gases, it also produces quality compost. In our partnership with Natural Organics Process Enterprises (NOPE) in Richmond, Va., we earn a 40-pound “credit” of compost for every ton of food waste collected — earning 680 lbs. of compost in 2019. We donate these credits to community gardens or use them at volunteer events.
  • Our “Declutter For Good” campaign is an initiative to give office supplies and furniture a second life. In advance of moves or renovations, or anytime throughout the year, employees are encouraged to clean up their workspaces and identify materials that are no longer needed. Supplies such as binders, folders, notebooks, and furniture are donated to schools, community centers, and similar organizations and institutions.
  • Our Workplace Sustainability Team members have also organized volunteer events in their communities, including a “Project Plant It” tree planting at Case Elementary School in Cleveland, Ohio, and a volunteer day with Tricycle Urban Agriculture in Richmond, Va.


600 Canal Place

600 Canal Place is Dominion Energy’s proud addition to the Richmond, Va. skyline. With a curved form inspired by the shape of a sail, the new office tower was designed to LEED Gold standards and provides an optimized work environment and enhanced amenities for employees.

More than half the demolition materials from the structure that previously occupied the location of 600 Canal Place were recycled. In addition, it boasts other sustainable-design features such as:

600 Canal Place building in Richmond, Virginia
The Green Rooftop Garden

The Green Rooftop Garden

Energy Efficiency
  • High-efficiency glass, framing, and insulation to reduce the amount of energy required for heating and cooling.
  • LED lighting that automatically adjusts to occupancy and daylight.
Waste Reduction
  • Centralized waste receptacles with recycling and composting options.
Rooftop Garden Benefits
  • A one-acre green rooftop garden and terrace featuring walkways and seating areas surrounded by many plants native to Virginia.

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