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Providing essential energy to millions of customers safely, reliably and affordably is a critical part of what we do. We also strive to serve the common good in other ways — by engaging with our stakeholders so we can better understand their perspectives, by strengthening the communities in which we work and by supporting worthy causes through our charitable and volunteer programs.

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Female employee in a hardhat. Every business unit has a comprehensive set of safety programs specific to its operations.

Safety is paramount among the company's core values.

#1 best year in safety
50% reduction in injury rate in the past decade

Energy Reliability & Affordability

We have a strong reliability record, and are transforming our electric grid and gas pipeline systems to improve our performance even further.

Dominion Energy helps customers improve their own energy efficiency and provides assistance programs for those who find themselves in financial difficulty.

820,000 families assisted with energy bills since 1982
Energy Reliability & Affordability

Engaging Communities and Community Development

We work hard to make our supply chain ever more diverse and inclusive.

In 2018, we enhanced our focus on environmental justice by adopting a formal policy with regard to it.

$34.9M contributed to social betterment in 2018. We see strengthening our communities as an essential part of doing the right thing.
Engaging Communities
Community Development
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At Dominion Energy, we have always believed doing well and doing good are inseparable. Our company provides a livelihood for thousands of employees and their families; delivers vital products and services to millions of customers; and generates financial return for pension funds, endowments and individuals.

Supporting all those stakeholders requires us to remain financially strong. But the common good extends well beyond finances, and we try to do right by people in multiple ways.


That begins with safety — the first of our five core values. We insist on maintaining a safe workplace, and on keeping the public safe, too. We have developed rigorous protocols to minimize safety hazards, and we have substantially improved our safety performance. But we will not be satisfied until we reach our goal: zero accidents.

Energy Reliability & Affordability

Looking out for others also means ensuring that they can get the energy they want, whenever they like. So we have launched a number of initiatives to improve the reliability of our delivery systems. Ensuring that people have access to electricity and natural gas also means keeping those services affordable. Our rates are highly competitive, and we maintain energy-assistance programs for customers who need financial support. We also operate a number of energy-efficiency programs to help customers conserve even more.

Engaging Communities and Community Development

We also aim to support the communities where we work. So we constantly engage with those who live there, listen to their concerns and learn from their perspectives. We also strive to strengthen communities in other ways — through our Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation, signature educational and cultural programs, and a supplier-diversity initiative that seeks out diverse suppliers to provide the materials and expertise we need to do our business.

All of this flows from our belief that a company stays strong by strengthening others.

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