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Workplace Safety

Our most fundamental workplace goal is to send every employee home safe and sound, every day.

That is the only acceptable standard of performance.

Nearly two decades ago, we looked at our safety performance and did not like what we saw: An OSHA-recordable incident rate of 4.19 injuries for every 100 workers. More than half of those injuries were serious enough to warrant lost days or restricted duties.

The company launched a vigorous campaign to improve. In the years since, our safety performance consistently improved: Nearly every year, we have logged a lower injury rate than the year before. That was true in 2020 as well, when we set another record low OSHA-recordable rate of just 0.41 injuries per 100 workers. That represents a 77% improvement since 2006. It also falls far below the industry average, which stood at 2.05 in 2019.

Yet while we are pleased by the improvement and the relative standing, we are not satisfied — and won’t be until we maintain an injury-free workplace.

To continue improving, we take a comprehensive approach. We maintain safety committees, perform root-cause analyses of every significant safety incident, and deploy multiple programs and methods to reduce mishaps: augmented-reality training simulations, regular drills, GPS vehicle tracking, a slip simulator, pre-job briefings, and individualized coaching from sports-medicine trainers. We also conduct rigorous oversight of contractors through site coordinators and audits.

Dominion Energy OSHA Recordable Incident Rate by Year

Employee and Contractor Oversight

Dominion Energy also emphasizes the importance of safe work environments by maintaining extensive safety qualifications under Work Zone Traffic Control, OSHA, DOT, and other oversight controls and affiliations. The company also has implemented programs such as job safety assessments, root-cause analyses, a quick-information database called The Source, and health and safety training plans to promote employee awareness. Through these carefully crafted programs, we are relaying to all team members the central role they play in maintaining injury-free work environments.

The same commitment to safety extends to contractors. Here are a few measures we apply:

  • Contractors are approved and tracked on safety statistics.
  • Contractors are assigned onsite coordinators to monitor their safety performance.
  • Dominion Energy conducts field audits to ensure our contractors meet all safety expectations.
  • Contractors, like employees, must report all observed hazards and incidents. We believe the value of reporting and investigating all incidents outweighs simply tracking lost-time injury rates.