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Natural Gas Safety

Our most fundamental workplace goal is to send every employee home safe and sound, every day.

That is the only acceptable standard of performance.

We use a wide array of diagnostic tools, preventive maintenance programs, and oversight techniques to identify and mitigate potential issues long before they can become a problem. Among them:

  • A pipeline safety management system that takes a systematic, measurement-based approach to identify areas for improvement and share that information widely.
  • Well-casing integrity inspections and logging of storage wells.
  • A transmission integrity management program that includes threat identification, risk assessment, integrity assessments, remediation, prevention, performance and quality assurance, patrols, around-the-clock monitoring, cathodic protection, corrosion surveys, and long-term pipeline replacement programs.
  • A distribution integrity management program that includes threat identification, risk assessment, performance measurement, and results monitoring.
  • Separate distribution programs to monitor excavations, leak surveys, cross-bore verification, and root-cause analysis of pipe damage.
  • Public awareness campaigns to educate landowners and others about the importance of taking safety precautions near gas infrastructure through means such as the 811 “Know what’s below — call before you dig” program.
  • Public liaison meetings with first responders to prepare for natural gas emergencies.
  • Emergency shut-down systems located at specific facilities that can be activated when a leak or rupture occurs.
  • Damage-prevention efforts that include risk modeling software, damage prevention certification, an 811 “ambassador” program, and more.

In 2020, our gas operations installed 99 automated-shutoff and remote-control valves on our infrastructure.

Natural gas safety isn’t just about our pipelines – it’s also about our people. Because our work sometimes requires us to enter customers’ homes to service their meters, we adopted extensive COVID-19 protection protocols and personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect both our employees and our customers during the coronavirus pandemic.