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We don’t presume to know what our employees want — we ask them. We take action based on their input.
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Seeking Input

Employee in an office setting.

In 2018, we conducted the most recent of our biannual, company-wide workforce surveys. Nearly half of all employees participated. We use the results to refine our policies and operations — for example, by making senior leadership available for more face-to-face interaction with front-line personnel.

Among the company’s strengths, according to the 2018 survey, are leadership’s concern for the safety of workers, employees’ understanding of the company’s core values, and respect and collaboration among colleagues. Employees also thought the company could do more to promote a culture of innovation and agility.

Thanks to employee feedback and input, we have made improvements such as upgraded meeting-room technology, expanded flex scheduling, and dedicated quiet rooms.

In 2018, partly in response to such employee feedback, we also created a new position: Vice President — Employee Engagement & Development. That person works with our human-resources department and our business units to improve leadership and talent management, enhance career development, strengthen employee engagement and performance, and refine how the company attends to employee concerns.

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