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The people of Dominion Energy are leading the country’s transition to clean energy. We are transforming everything we do to build a more sustainable future for our customers, the planet and our company.

It looks like this…

From the Chairman

  • We have launched the country’s largest offshore wind system. The goal: To provide Virginia customers more renewable energy and to establish a new industry on the East Coast.
  • Our clean energy system includes the country’s fourth-largest system of solar energy, stretching from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific.
  • We are creating the most renewable natural gas in the country. Our advanced technology helps farmers transform manure — yes, you read that right — into renewable energy. Customers get natural gas that’s renewed every day, and farmers turn their biggest cost — managing waste — into new revenue.
  • We are cutting methane emissions in half by 2030, and other companies are following our lead. We have already prevented 250,000 metric tons of methane from entering the atmosphere over the past decade. In air quality terms, that is equal to planting over 103 million new trees. This builds on the 52 percent reduction in carbon emissions we have achieved.
  • We are offering to replace diesel school buses with emission-free electric school buses. Public schools will pay less in maintenance, and schoolchildren will get quieter buses with air that’s six times cleaner. (And seat belts.) No other energy company is doing anything like this. Goodbye, diesel school buses. Hello, electric.
  • We operate the country’s largest battery, storing energy that can power 750,000 homes. That is more energy than the Hoover Dam produces — and it generates zero emissions.
  • We are investing in new technology to advance carbon-free nuclear energy. While other companies mothball nuclear power, we are extending the life of nuclear power stations — because they provide clean energy that is safe and reliable.
  • Our program to excavate and recycle coal ash is a model for U.S. energy companies, as they move away from a century of burning coal to generate electricity. We are digging it up, moving most of it to modern lined landfills — and turning the rest into bricks and concrete.
  • We donated nearly $35 million last year to the community, and our people volunteered more than 126,000 hours. We commit to do more every year.

We deliver all of this with one of the strongest safety records in the country and some of the lowest residential and industrial rates in the nation.

Our people make this possible. One of every five people we hire is a veteran, and the average Dominion Energy worker earns six figures and great benefits. Our employees work 24/7 to deliver energy in all kinds of weather and conditions. We are proud to serve customers across the United States, large and small businesses, and America’s military and national security facilities.

This legacy of service stretches back to the time of George Washington. And while we are proud of our rich history, we are embracing change. Our eyes are on the future.

These are exciting times as innovation propels energy forward. We are excited to continue this journey with you, as we all work to shape a clean energy future.


Thomas F. Farrell, II

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