Delivering Clean, Reliable, Affordable Energy


Dominion Energy’s corporate lineage includes companies that operated canals in colonial times and streetcars in the early 20th Century.

Today, our deep roots give us strength as we grow in new directions by embracing change and creating new opportunities.


We are determined to create changes that improve our customers’ experience, exceed our stakeholders’ expectations, and position our company for sustainable, agile, and long-term success. To that end, our innovation strategy is designed to grow the future, enhance performance, and accelerate the culture.

We pursue that strategy and continue to reinforce our culture of creative problem-solving through multiple avenues, including:

  • Spark Tank, a competition that recognizes the best new ideas from employees.
  • The Chairman’s Excellence Awards, a competition that recognizes the best employee innovations that have been adopted.
  • Innovation Guides and Accelerators, who support crowdsourcing challenges, encourage collaboration, research and pilot new technology, and help fellow employees develop their skill sets and flesh out their ideas.
  • Crowdsourcing challenges, which seek to solve existing problems or generate creative solutions to problems that might arise.
  • Sprint teams, which join employees from across the company to evaluate innovative technologies and business models.
  • Innovation Expo, an annual event that brings the company together to listen to keynote speakers, attend breakouts on disruptive technology and the future of sustainable energy, participate in workshops, and network with innovative companies attending to showcase their services and products.
  • External partnerships, which inject fresh perspectives and facilitate the free exchange of ideas.

2020 Developments

As our employees adapted to new ways of working during the pandemic, they continued to generate and implement ideas to move the business forward. Among them:

  • DESC crews began using drones rather than bucket trucks to inspect above-ground pipe bridge attachments, increasing safety and record retention.
  • Dominion Energy joined forces with the Connecticut Green Bank on the nation’s first multi-party carbon offset credit project using a new methodology to quantify greenhouse-gas emissions reductions from EV charging stations. Reductions are accredited by Verra’s Verified Carbon Standard Program, enabling third-party certified carbon offset credits, which can be monetized through voluntary carbon trading markets to generate revenue for further investment in EV charging infrastructure. The credits can also be retained to help an organization meet its own compliance obligations.
  • We are working with airports in our service areas to research and pilot state-of-the-art electrification projects involving level 2 and level 3 commercial charging stations in daily and short-term garages. This will enable vehicle charging in 4 hours and 30 minutes, respectively.
  • The Dominion Energy Innovation Center launched an accelerator program for startup companies focused on sustainable solutions.
  • We launched multiple cross-functional sprint teams to research market disruptions, examine changing customer trends, and evaluate new technologies and business models, from transportation decarbonization to hydrogen.
  • Our gas distribution business distributed reusable vinyl heat blankets in Ohio and West Virginia to provide more effective and environmentally sustainable insulation against meter freeze-ups. The blankets placed second in 2019’s Spark Tank innovation contest.

    Vinyl heat blanket.
  • Employees at our Surry nuclear power station won a Top Innovative Practice Award from the Nuclear Energy Institute for using a hydrophobic nanocoating on pumps to reduce the number of cleaning activities that require divers.
  • Dominion Energy Virginia stood up a Monitoring and Diagnostics Center that is using advanced pattern recognition technology to identify trends and anomalies in equipment performance in order to predict failures before they occur.
Case Study


In 2020, Dominion Energy’s electric transmission business won the “Best of the Best” Chairman’s Award from the Southeastern Electric Exchange (S.E.E.) for the mobile STATCOM innovation. A STATCOM, or static synchronous compensator, delivers or absorbs current on the electric grid and helps regulate voltage and maintain reliability. Dominion Energy developed the first mobile STATCOM. Because it can be moved anywhere grid support is needed in only a few days, it provides the company an unprecedented level of flexibility when responding to unexpected outages from extreme weather or other unplanned events.