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A Brief Preview

This report contains a wealth of information about Dominion Energy, its business operations and its commitment to sustainability. While no attempt to summarize the report’s contents can capture either its scope or its richness of detail, we provide a few highlights below.

Our Customers & Communities

MORE THAN $30 MILLION CONTRIBUTED to community causes through the Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation, EnergyShare, ThermWise and other means in 2018.
MORE THAN $1.9 BILLION IN IMPROVEMENTS to gas infrastructure since 2008 that enhance service and safety.
Helping Customers $57 million through 2019 to help those in need
Adopted Environmental Justice Policy
Electric Rates Lower Than the average for the East Coast and the nation
Safety Improvements Recordable injury rates cut in half since 2010

Environmental Stewardship

A commitment to reduce carbon intensity 60 percent and methane intensity 50 percent by 2030.
REDUCTION In carbon intensity (the amount of carbon dioxide emitted per unit of energy produced)
Nearly 600,000 Tons Material Recycled in 2017
New Investment In renewable natural gas
4th In nation among utility holding companies for ownership of solar facilities
New Management System Robust standards for environmental protection
BILLION Worth of renewable energy investments in the past five years
Growth of our Solar Fleet 2,600 Megawatts in service or development as of December, 2018
REDUCTION In methane intensity by 2030

Our Culture

Named a trendsetter by the Center for Political Accountability for transparency and disclosure with regard to political contributions.
Adoption Assistance Expanded reimbursement
50 Scholarships Worth $5,000 awarded to diverse students each year
120 Hours (Up To) Paid parental leave
2017 Triumph Award From the Virginia Department of Veterans’ Services.
Leading Private Employer of Veterans Veterans make up 20 percent of all new hires
Best Places to Work for Women Recognized by Forbes
Best Workplaces for Diversity Recognized by Forbes

Our Business for the Future

MORE THAN $870 MILLION INVESTMENTS in expanded energy-conservation programs over the next decade.
Plus enhancements to the electric grid — including smart meters, intelligent grid devices and faster restoration times.
Greater Innovation Crowdsourcing and sprint teams
BILLION Annual investment in cleaner energy and a more robust delivery system
MEGAWATTS Of new solar and wind generation by 2022 (under development or in operation)
Offshore Wind Generation New pilot project
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