Serving Customers & Communities

Customer Experience

Dominion Energy is dedicated to delivering consistent, effortless, superior experiences for our customers, vendors, and investors.

To that end, we strive to respond to customer needs — such as the increasing desire for cleaner energy.  We are hearing an increasing desire from our customers for programs that enable them to support more sustainable energy to protect and we are responding. For example, programs in both Virginia and South Carolina enable customers to purchase or subscribe to energy from participating new solar facilities throughout our service territory.  In addition, South Carolina’s Voluntary Renewable Program allows commercial and industrial customers to enter a three-way contract between a customer, the company, and a solar developer to create new solar farms and provide renewable energy certificates to the customer. Our BrightSuite Solar subsidiary joined forces with Sun Tribe in 2020 to install solar arrays on 21 schools throughout Virginia. (For complete details on our clean-energy efforts, see the section on “Clean, Reliable, Affordable Energy”).

We also focus on making it easy for our customers to interact with us. For large commercial, industrial, and governmental customers, we have dedicated key account managers. If a customer needs assistance, our Key Accounts team is available to respond around the clock. For residential, small-business, and other customers, we offer various channels to connect, including our contact centers and self-service options via our website.

A feature on the company’s website allows customers to report attempted scams by third parties; in Virginia, more than two-thirds of customers wishing to report scams chose the website feature in the first weeks of its availability. During the coronavirus pandemic, in addition to our bill-forgiveness and other relief efforts, business units adopted electronic signature and remote notarization technology for easements and other functions to make transactions smoother under social-distancing requirements.

Flexibility, Ease, and Convenience Through Self-Service

We provide customers with options for managing their accounts that are built around their needs. These include the Dominion Energy mobile app, which enables customers to manage their accounts, report electricity outages, schedule service requests, and monitor their energy usage. The app has more than 650,000 downloads to date.

Virginia and South Carolina customers with one of the more than 800,000 smart meters we have installed through 2020 can monitor their energy consumption by monthly, daily, and half-hour increments, and customers can receive text or email alerts about their energy usage.

More and more customers have adopted electronic (paperless) billing, which also benefits the environment, and we updated our website to give it a modern look and make it easier to navigate.

Experience of the Future

In 2020, we took a significant step in the ongoing modernization of customer service by initiating a multi-year Customer Information Platform project and enhanced customer-facing applications, which will deliver better, more efficient service and deliver the modern experience today’s customers and communities expect. Partly because of efforts such as these, Business Facilities magazine included Dominion Energy among its 2021 list of the nation’s “Top Utilities.”

We seek to improve the customer experience through multiple means. For instance, in our natural gas distribution companies, we implemented a “soft close” process that allows a customer to close an account yet leave the gas service connected at the premises so the next customer can move in without waiting for a technician to turn the gas on.

Our focus on customer service has produced encouraging results. For example, Dominion Energy Virginia and Dominion Energy North Carolina both were designated 2021 Most Trusted Business Partner utilities by Escalent Market Research (also known as Cogent or MSi).

We also receive a large number of gratifying testimonials, such as those included in this video.