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We will work in good faith with Native American tribes on projects that could affect them, and ensure that they have an equal opportunity to participate in the project development process.
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Strengthening Relationships


Engagement with Native American tribes on energy infrastructure projects has evolved over the past few years through industry experiences, agency and governmental actions, and our own attentiveness to addressing their unique concerns and questions regarding energy development.

A variety of different statutes, regulations and policies dictate the legal requirements for formal tribal government-to-government consultation with federally recognized tribes. Dominion Energy will always respect and comply with these well-established procedures. But we will not stop there

In many areas where our company does business, Native American tribes have community, religious and cultural ties that may intersect with company interests. Our aim is to meaningfully engage with tribes — regardless of recognition status — to develop robust and lasting working relationships.

For us, engagement means more than simply listening to what someone has to say. Whenever a project has the potential to affect the rights or resources of a tribal community, Dominion Energy will work directly with them to fully understand their concerns, and determine appropriate measures to avoid or minimize our impacts. We are also working to support Native American vendor and employment opportunities in the communities where we operate.

To ensure a focus on meaningful tribal outreach, the company has a designated advisor role responsible for leading engagement with Native tribes to ensure proactive, consistent efforts across our footprint.

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