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We pursue engagement by hosting town halls and other community events, convening stakeholder conferences, conducting surveys and meeting face-to-face with a broad array of outside interests, from local-government officials to industry watchdogs.
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Active Listening

Community meeting about the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

Engagement is a two-way street. For Dominion Energy, that means not only being transparent about our actions, but also actively listening to what others think.

We pay attention to a wide array of perspectives from thought leaders, community groups, advocacy organizations, public-opinion surveys and customer feedback.

In 2018, nearly 300 people attended 27 public events related to a variety of electric transmission projects. Our Millstone Power Station hosted its annual stakeholder event, to which we invite neighbors, elected officials, regulators, business leaders, nonprofits and others. In Southwest Virginia, we continued a region-wide engagement effort related to pumped storage that began in 2017 and featured public open houses, meetings with property owners, discussions with local elected officials and other events. Eleven open houses and 15 community meetings associated with our gas operations’ projects also were held; the majority were associated with the ACP. In New York, community meetings with residents and officials from the town of Dryden led to a replacement project at the Borger compression station; it will replace two older turbines with new turbines that will generate fewer emissions and help the company achieve its methane-reduction goals. Our philanthropy team had more than 600 meetings with other organizations in 2018 alone.

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