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Environmental Justice

What you should know
Dominion Energy is committed to ensuring that communities have a meaningful voice in our planning and development processes. To ensure fair treatment and sincere involvement, we take an intentional approach to seeking out and listening to a diversity of views.
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Bath County hydro pumped-storage station.
Bath County hydro pumped-storage station.

Dominion Energy is committed to hearing, fully considering and responding to the concerns of all stakeholders. This commitment includes ensuring a voice in decisions about siting and operating energy infrastructure is given to all people and communities, regardless of race, color, national origin, or income. Communities should have ready access to accurate information and a meaningful voice in the development process.

What We’re Doing

Dominion Energy already embraces the primary components of environmental justice: fair treatment and meaningful involvement. However, these principles require constant evaluation to appropriately address evolving social expectations. Our own expectations for addressing environmental justice are also informed by the expectations of others, and so we enlist outside perspectives to identify gaps in our processes that could unfairly exclude vulnerable persons.

To address public concern about infrastructure projects and their potential effects on certain communities, we are enhancing our focus on environmental justice. This effort is being carried out across the company’s business units and services operations and its national footprint.

Our Ongoing Commitment

Horse in a pasture.

In 2018, the company adopted the following Environmental Justice Policy to guide our work in this area:


At Dominion Energy, we are committed to providing reliable, affordable, clean energy in accordance with our values of safety, ethics, excellence, embrace change and team work. This includes listening to and learning all we can from the communities we are privileged to serve.

Our values also recognize that environmental justice considerations must be part of our everyday decisions, community outreach and evaluations as we move forward with projects to modernize the generation and delivery of energy.

To that end, communities should have a meaningful voice in our planning and development process, regardless of race, color, national origin, or income. Our neighbors should have early and continuing opportunities to work with us. We pledge to undertake collaborative efforts to work to resolve issues. We will advance purposeful inclusion to ensure a diversity of views in our public engagement processes.

Dominion Energy will be guided in meeting environmental justice expectations of fair treatment and sincere involvement by being inclusive, understanding, dedicated to finding solutions, and effectively communicating with our customers and our neighbors. We pledge to be a positive catalyst in our communities.

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