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Our customers depend on the electricity and gas we provide. If service is interrupted, people suffer. We work hard to make sure our customers can get the services they want, when they want them — and at prices they can afford. To help keep costs down and energy available, we offer a variety of energy-efficiency and financial-assistance options.

What you should know

Energy is a basic necessity, so we strive to keep it reliable and affordable.

We have a strong reliability record, and are transforming our electric grid and gas pipeline systems to improve our performance even further.

Our electricity and gas rates are among the most competitive in the country.

Dominion Energy helps customers improve their own energy efficiency and provides assistance programs for those who find themselves in financial difficulty.

Lineman Paul Tran.

Always Available

Lineman prepares to inspect equipment on a powerline.

Energy services are not luxuries. Our customers rely on us to provide them with the electricity and gas they need to go about their lives. To make sure we deliver those services without interruption, we invest in the infrastructure necessary to get the job done. We regularly inspect and maintain our equipment (including equipment housed in customer-owned vaults). We pursue programs to get the most out of that hardware, and we deploy robust security measures to protect it against all types of hazards.

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