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A strong workforce makes for a strong company. We seek out top performers, no matter who they are. We invest heavily in development to help employees reach their full potential. We offer generous benefits, including flexible work schedules and parental leave. And we believe everyone has the right to be treated with dignity, respect and fairness — and everyone has a duty to treat others the same way.

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Attracting Talent

We strive to create work spaces that meet the needs of our current employees and help attract new ones.

We have a multi-pronged strategy to make our workforce even more diverse.

We make a special effort to recruit veterans.

#1 Best Year in Safety
50 scholarships worth $5,000 each to diverse student interns each year
Attracting Talent

Developing Talent

Our Career Center offers goal setting, interview coaching, personal branding and more.

We have a comprehensive, integrated development program for leaders.

We have increased our reimbursement for education expenses.

$5,250—$7,500 annual reimbursement for employees participating in our Education Assistance Program
Developing Talent

Retaining Talent

Our employee resource groups help promote a welcoming culture and a diversity of perspectives.

We offer generous benefits, including parental leave and flexible work schedules.

We seek out employee feedback, and put it to use.

99% of employees participated in direct-engagement sessions regarding diversity and inclusion
Retaining Talent
See Our Commitments and Performance

Attracting Talent

Female employee in an office building.

A company that hopes to have a successful future needs to attract strong candidates and retain talented employees. The nearly 20,000 Dominion Energy workers (as of August 31, 2019) who provide energy to our customers and communities make up one of our greatest strengths. To ensure that we sustain that excellent workforce, we continue to improve how we attract new talent, develop employees and future leaders and ensure that the work environment is diverse and inclusive.

Developing Talent

We seek to continually craft a vibrant, forward-looking company that attracts the best people for the job no matter who they are, that welcomes diverse candidates and that is inclusive of everyone.

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