We want to hire diverse employees who represent the communities we serve, then help them develop to their full potential so that they enjoy long, healthy and fruitful careers with us.

We want to hire diverse employees who represent the communities we serve, then help them develop to their full potential so that they enjoy long, healthy and fruitful careers with us.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity is about making sure our company reflects the communities we serve. Diversity and inclusion have intrinsic value: They do not require external justification. But they also have instrumental value to any company that cares about sustainability.

Why It Matters

A diverse workforce increases the likelihood that business decisions will be filtered through a rich variety of perspectives.

Companies in the top quartile for gender or racial and ethnic diversity are 21 percent to 33 percent more likely to produce profits higher than their industry norms. That’s according to “Delivering Through Diversity,” a report by the management-consulting firm McKinsey & Company that shows a clear connection between diversity and the bottom line.

Yet the importance of diversity and inclusion extends well beyond the income statement. A diverse workforce increases the likelihood that business decisions will be filtered through a rich variety of perspectives — raising internal awareness of how Dominion Energy’s activities could affect communities of color, the elderly, veterans, indigenous peoples, low-income individuals, persons with disabilities and many others.

Our Strategy:

To create a diverse and inclusive workplace that reflects the communities we serve.

How We Performed:

Recognized by Forbes in 2018 as one of the best places to work for women and one of the best employers for diversity. In 2017, we made offers to 83 percent of student interns, and 53 percent of those offers were to diverse candidates. The Defense Department recognized Dominion Energy’s efforts by bestowing its “Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve” Patriots Award on the company.

Where We’re Headed:

100 percent of staffing and hiring managers of interns will complete a series on unconscious bias by the end of 2019. We will conduct periodic surveys with employees to measure engagement, and track employee hours committed to Employee Resource Group (ERG) efforts, and add an innovation focus area to each group.

Our Commitment:

Leaders and employees will complete training in diversity and inclusion.

Our Diverse Culture

The country is growing more diverse, and so are we.

Our customers, and the world, are becoming increasingly more diverse. It is important to Dominion Energy that our customers know we are committed to having a diverse and inclusive company culture. Our customers are watching us and they hold us to high standards. Our customers are part of the reason we support diversity through our charitable giving, educational programs and volunteer outreach. Our philanthropy helps our communities thrive because it fosters an appreciation of diversity, revitalizes neighborhoods and ensures vibrant community life through the support of cultural endeavors.

When we seek diversity in our supply chain we help small businesses, minority- or women-owned businesses, and other traditionally disadvantaged businesses prosper. This is smart business — and the right thing to do. We have a responsibility to develop diverse suppliers to be able to provide the best products and services at low prices. We support continued economic growth in our communities, and our partnerships with diverse suppliers translate into economic growth and increased employment opportunities. We set supplier diversity goals to lead to improved supplier performance, competitive pricing, creativity and innovation. Our communities invest in us and we hold ourselves accountable to returning some of that investment to allow all to prosper.

The company promotes diversity at every level within the organization through diversity councils at both the executive and business-unit level. Those efforts have received national recognition; in August of 2018 Forbes magazine listed Dominion Energy among the top 300 companies considered the best places to work for women, as measured by employee voting and the diversity of both “boards [of directors] and executive ranks.” In September, Forbes listed the company among the best 200 companies for diversity.

Bringing People Together

Dominion Energy employees participated in the Utah Pride Festival in June, 2018.

Dominion Energy enables numerous Employee Resource Groups that bring together employees with shared backgrounds, interests or perspectives to create a sense of community and “make a small place out of a big place.” The resource groups – for women, African-Americans, Latinos, LGBTQIA employees, veterans and young professionals — focus on community outreach, recruitment, networking, professional development, education, the exchange of ideas and support. They also improve employee engagement and raise awareness of potential barriers to creating a diverse workplace.

The Executive Diversity Council is a management committee whose members represent each business unit and are appointed by the CEO of Dominion Energy. It designs and oversees the company’s diversity and inclusion strategy, and monitors corporate performance against marketplace benchmarks and best practices.

Making our workforce reflect the communities it serves is vital, and we expect all leaders to get involved. To that end, annual bonus plans for all leaders have been updated to include diversity awareness and training goals. Our 2017 annual incentive program also included a diversity goal requirement that 95 percent of all our leaders participate in an awareness session on the business case for diversity and inclusion. In 2017 all leaders — beginning with the executive team — had an opportunity to participate in a live, facilitated leadership training and awareness session on that topic.

Diversity in our supply chain helps minority- or women-owned businesses and other traditionally disadvantaged businesses prosper. That enhances the prosperity of their communities as well.

Our strategic plan includes three core components:

  1. Workforce Diversity. We will reflect the communities we serve.
  2. Workforce Inclusion. We will create a workplace environment where all employees are respected and valued.
  3. Culture of Inclusivity. We will foster an environment where employees can utilize their unique strengths, skills, passions, attitudes, personalities and life experiences.

To further demonstrate and reinforce our commitment to diversity and inclusion, Tom Farrell, chairman, president and chief executive officer, became one of 400 CEOs of the world’s leading companies to join the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion Initiative.

“The CEO Action Pledge aligns perfectly with our core values, and we are proud to share our experience of being ‘One Dominion Energy’ with all participating companies.”
— Thomas F. Farrell II,
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

Dominion Energy also joined industry leaders by becoming a signatory on the Edison Electric Institute’s (EEI) Diversity and Inclusion Commitment. This three-year plan aims to incorporate initiatives and metrics to improve the industry’s overall representation results. As part of this initiative, Dominion Energy will work to enhance the electric power industry by helping to transform the workforce through our dedication to attracting, recruiting and retaining diverse, highly-skilled talent. Our goal is to better represent the communities we serve, which will further ignite an energized work environment filled with innovative ideas, collaboration and impactful actions.

Some actions taken to date to promote workforce diversity and attract qualified, diverse talent include targeted recruitment activities at conferences, colleges and community events such as BEYA (Black Engineer of the Year Awards), the University of Puerto Rico and PRIDE festivals.

Into Action

Everyone at Dominion Energy undergoes diversity and inclusion training.

In addition to the Executive Diversity Council, each of Dominion Energy’s business units established its own diversity council. While each business-unit council has its own approach, they all share a mission to ensure consistency and align with the corporate diversity and inclusion strategy.

The efforts and actions of the diversity councils led to the formation of our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). These are self-governed groups composed of employees who come together based on similar experiences, interests or demographics. Employee participation in ERGs improves engagement, increases awareness of barriers to creating an inclusive workplace, and provides assistance with recruiting and community outreach. The groups also enable employees to feel a sense of belonging and enjoy increased opportunities for networking, professional development and education. For 2019, we will conduct periodic pulse surveys with employees to gauge engagement levels across the enterprise. Engaged employees are best able to provide honest feedback and help us identify business programs that address the needs of diverse consumers on new ideas and initiatives.

Dominion Energy has six ERGs, which are open to all employees: We3 (women), Veterans Resource Group, African- American Resource Group (AARG), iHola!, Young Professionals and PRIDE. For 2019, we will track employee hours committed to ERG efforts and add an innovation focus area to each group.

All leaders and employees must undergo diversity and inclusion training. In addition, the company’s business-unit diversity councils and ERGs participate in or sponsor a host of diversity and inclusion initiatives.

These extensive initiatives include an annual “A Taste of Diversity” event, a student art contest, panel discussions on the female perspective of successfully operating on a predominantly male team, benefit seminars for veterans, workshops on youth leaderhip and personal branding, networking opportunities through business socials and athletic events, and sponsorship of diversity-related community events.

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