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Dominion Energy offers employees many opportunities for continuous learning, including career guidance and tuition assistance. We also have a comprehensive development program for emerging leaders.

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We invest heavily in development to help employees reach their full potential.

We have a comprehensive, integrated development program for leaders.

We have increased our reimbursement for education expenses.

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We want to promote a culture of continuous learning so people are empowered and encouraged to achieve and advance at Dominion Energy, therefore we devote considerable resources to employee and leader development.

Investing in People

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Diversity is not sustainable without an inclusive work environment that provides meaningful development opportunities. To that end, the company is focused on training and mentoring for all employees, including women and minorities. Emerging leaders will be identified through these efforts, and many of these individuals will ultimately add to the diversity of our management team.

Our Employee Engagement and Development team oversees the company’s approach to talent development, along with a Development Council that includes representatives from each business unit’s training organization. The goal is to provide a consistent and progressive approach to training that engages the workforce and fosters a culture of learning company-wide.

We offer a variety of voluntary, open-registration courses employees can take to exert greater control over their career development and pursue their own path of continuous learning, as well as online self-paced learning opportunities that are accessible to all employees at any time.

The company has a comprehensive, integrated development program for leaders. An aspiring-leader guide offers those with a desire to rise in the company a self-directed process to establish the foundations for advancement. Our Emerging Leader Program provides employees with the knowledge and foundational skills to assume leadership roles, preparing a bench of future leaders for the transition into first-time leadership. The program consists of a framework of core courses to be integrated into the leadership programs run by the various business units. Our New Leader Bootcamp has been revamped to make it more comprehensive, fast-paced and hands-on so that new leaders are able to acclimate quicker and with a higher success rate in their new roles. Finally, as leaders advance to higher levels in the company, they participate in Developing the Dominion Energy Leader — a multi-month journey focused on even higher levels of learning and exposure to broader Dominion Energy strategies. Outside of the formal program offerings, our leadership-effectiveness team uses a variety of evaluation tools, from behavioral and personality assessments to the Korn Ferry 360-degree survey, to provide consultation and guidance to leaders and business units facing organizational development-related challenges.

All business groups work to identify and develop candidates for positions of leadership, and leadership training by our business units complements company-wide efforts. For example, in 2018 our Power Delivery Group launched a leadership development series for managers, officers and directors. The training provides real-life scenarios and covered topics including the key behaviors of an effective leader, building effective teams, foundational coaching skills and understanding the financial implications of operational decisions.

In 2018, the company also increased the reimbursement amount of our Education Assistance Program — thanks to polling feedback from participating employees. The annual reimbursement for non-union employees has gone up from $5,250 to $7,500.

Offering Guidance

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Employees can make use of the Dominion Energy Career Center, which encourages them to take an active role in planning their careers by assessing their skill sets and interests, while informing them about positions in the company for which they are qualified. The Career Center offers career counseling, interview coaching, goal setting, résumé development and more. The company also provides workshops on request, covering topics such as interview preparation, résumé building and personal branding.

In 2018, we updated our performance-review process, putting more emphasis on real-time feedback and the need to look forward.

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