Empowering Employees

Developing & Retaining Talent

We want our employees to enjoy long and fruitful careers with Dominion Energy, so we focus on creating a work culture that values, appreciates, and respects employees.

We provide many opportunities for continuous learning, including career guidance, leadership development programs, and tuition assistance. We have created and/or curated learning resources to support all stages of job and career growth and desired leadership development.

Workplace Safety

Because safety is our first and most important company value, we take extensive measures to reduce the risk of harm in the workplace. For details, see the section in this report on “Workplace Safety.”

Employee Engagement

Every two years, Dominion Energy conducts a company-wide employee engagement survey. We use the results to refine our approach to empowering our people. In 2020, roughly half of our employees responded to the survey. Their responses suggested that Dominion Energy has made progress on focus areas such as collaboration and leadership effectiveness; that innovation has become a core strength; and that team leadership is working well. Employees also expressed a desire for better workload distribution within teams and a continuing wish for more leader visibility.

Employee Health and Wellness

Healthy employees make for a healthy company, so Dominion Energy offers a robust health-benefits package and promotes a culture of wellness through free health screenings, onsite fitness centers at many locations, and programs such as “Well On Your Way.” We also accommodate employee needs through a generous parental-leave policy and flexible schedules.

In 2020, we implemented several benefits enhancements in response to COVID-19, including the ability of our employees to go part-time or take a leave of absence during the pandemic without losing their benefits. These changes were carried into 2021.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) play a vital role in our corporate strategy. In addition to our efforts to recruit and retain top diverse talent, we want our employees to feel a sense of belonging and show up as their authentic selves so they can contribute to a community where differences are celebrated, and perspectives are broadened. We maintain comprehensive policies regarding DE&I, which are overseen by senior leadership through an Executive Diversity Council, and reinforced with the support of diversity councils for each business segment. We have eight employee resource groups and regional chapters across our footprint for employees with shared backgrounds, experiences, and/or interests, as well as their ally colleagues.

For a thorough disclosure of all our DE&I initiatives, please see our report on the topic.

Labor Relations

Dominion Energy respects the right of its employees to bargain collectively. Nearly one-third of our employees are union members, and we are committed to building and maintaining relationships with the local unions that represent them.