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Keeping our customers happy is the heart of our business. We pay close attention to how well we serve them, and try to make their interactions with our company as seamless and pleasant as possible.
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Outage Performance

As this report’s sections on Electric and Natural Gas reliability indicate, we have a strong record of reliable service, with minimal outages outside of major storms. But we can do even better, so we are always looking for ways to reduce outage times even further.

Call Reduction

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One measure of how well we are doing is the volume of calls to our customer-service centers. From 2018 to 2019, Dominion Energy South Carolina experienced a 12 percent decrease in the volume of calls. The call volume has fallen 26 percent from 2015-19. DESC has adopted a strategic approach designed to reduce customer effort. This includes developing a self-serve mobile phone app, anticipating customer needs, achieving first-contact resolution (i.e., “get it right the first time”), and using customer feedback to drive process improvements. As a result, paperless billing and self-service orders such as service starts or transfers have risen.

In addition, Dominion Energy offers a number of self-service options on our website, including the ability to add a mailing address or sign up for a program such as budget billing. We also measure the amount of time it takes to answer incoming calls. In Virginia, the past three years (2017-19) rank as the top three years for best-ever performance in average speed of answer (ASA), with an ASA of 27 seconds in 2017 and 2018 and an ASA of 33 seconds in 2019.

Customer Convenience

Dominion Energy Mobile App
Dominion Energy Mobile App

In October 2019, DESC launched a mobile app that provides up-to-date account and balance information, outage reporting, service requests, and more.

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