Sustainable Communities


At the heart of sustainability lies concern for the well-being of others. Accordingly, Dominion Energy’s sustainability strategy extends beyond our core mission of producing and delivering energy. We work hard to optimize outcomes for all our stakeholders — including customers, those in our supply chain, the communities where we operate, and everyone who values a healthy environment.

Customer Experience

Dominion Energy is dedicated to delivering an effortless, consistent, and customer-centered experience. We have been recognized as a trusted business partner and business partner champion by Escalent Market Research, a behavior and analytics firm. We offer a variety of digital self-service tools that make it easier for customers to meet their needs, including: paperless billing; smart meters that enable remote service suspension and resumption, and empower customers to better manage their power use; customized usage alerts so customers can manage their energy consumption more precisely; the ability to report attempted scams by third parties; and a mobile app that enables customers to manage their billing and payment options and report outages.

In 2021, Dominion Energy Virginia reached 1 million installed smart meters, and Dominion Energy South Carolina surpassed 550,000.

For large commercial, industrial, and governmental customers, we have dedicated key account managers. If a customer needs assistance, our Key Accounts team is available to respond around the clock.

Customer Efficiency and Carbon Footprint Reductions

More than ever, our customers are aware of the intersection of energy and the environment. While safety, reliability and affordability remain our top customer priorities, we know we must deliver increasingly sustainable energy and give our customers tools to manage their environmental footprint. We are rising to this challenge.

We offer an extensive arrayopens in a new window of energy-conservation programsopens in a new window for both residential and business customers. These programs vary by state, and may include home energy assessments, weatherization assistance for income-eligible customers, appliance recycling rebates, and discounts and rebates for ENERGY STAR and other energy efficient appliances, including smart thermostats.

In 2021, we expanded our menu of green-energy programsopens in a new window. For example, residential customers in Virginia can now buy solar through BrightSuite’s residential solar program. Customers in Utah and Idaho can capture the emissions-reducing benefits of renewable natural gas in small, affordable blocks through our GreenTherm program. In 2022, we intend to offer a GreenTherm program that includes RNG and carbon offsets to our North Carolina customers as well. In early 2022, we launched CarbonRightopens in a new window, a new and affordable way for customers in Utah and Idaho to achieve net zero in their home or business. For just $5 per month a typical residential customer can purchase verified carbon credits to offset 100 percent of the carbon produced from their natural gas usage.