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2020 Commitments

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At Dominion Energy, actions speak louder. We don’t just make promises, we keep them — and then document how we performed, so there is never any doubt.

2020 & Beyond Commitments

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Category 2020 & Beyond Commitment
Values, Ethics & Compliance To continue to reinforce the importance of ethics and compliance, an ongoing implementation of risk-based program structures will be promoted
Values, Ethics & Compliance We will create and adopt a new privacy policy and training program on customer communications
Governance & Risk Oversight ESG matters will continue to be discussed at each regularly scheduled Board of Directors meeting
Governance & Risk Oversight We will continue to improve our communication transparency on ESG matters with all company stakeholders
Governance & Risk Oversight Corporate Intelligence and Security's Cyber Security Branch (CSB) will develop and continue to leverage evolving tools, techniques, and processes, which build capacity and capabilities enabling advanced threat detection against hostile nation states and sophisticated criminal groups


Category 2020 & Beyond Commitment
Innovation Detect and deliver solutions to accelerate net zero carbon and methane for our customers and communities
Innovation Every Business Segment and DES will develop and implement at least one innovative idea related to environmental stewardship by 12/31/2020

Delivering Clean, Reliable, and Affordable Energy

Category 2020 & Beyond Commitment
Clean Energy Diversity and Security - Virginia Dominion Energy Virginia will continue to reduce carbon emissions across its generation fleet and investing in cleaner solutions
Clean Energy Diversity and Security - Virginia Dominion Energy Virginia will continue to enhance reliability and resiliency by modernizing the electric grid and expanding EV charging infrastructure
Clean Energy Diversity and Security - Virginia Dominion Energy Virginia will continue to engage with industry partnerships and stakeholders to solicit public input on Demand Side Management programs which support the VCEA
Clean Energy Diversity and Security - DESC Dominion Energy South Carolina will continue to reduce its carbon and methane emissions and invest in solutions including Demand Side Management programs that make cleaner solutions available
Clean Energy Diversity and Security - DESC Dominion Energy South Carolina will expand its grid modernization efforts and increase EV charging infrastructure

Protecting Our Environment

Category 2020 & Beyond Commitment
Cleaner Air Net Zero carbon and methane emissions by 2050
  • 55 percent Carbon emissions reduction by 2030 (compared to 2005)
  • 65 percent Methane emissions reduction by 2030 (compared to 2010)
  • 80 percent Methane emissions reduction by 2040 (compared to 2010)
Cleaner Air Make Natural Gas Distribution System “Future Energy Ready”
  • Convert 4 percent of our Natural Gas System throughput to Renewable Natural Gas by 2040
  • Prepare the distribution system to receive up to 5 percent hydrogen blend by 2030
Cleaner Air Implement a company-wide travel smart program
Clean Water Reduce 21 million gallons of water over the next five years
Clean Water 50 percent reduction from 2000 levels in freshwater withdrawn per MW to generate electricity by 2030
Clean Water Replace oil-filled electrical equipment to mitigate the risk of an oil release to the environment
Reducing Waste Reduce waste at 100 percent of offices by 2025
Supply Chain Increase partnership and engagement with suppliers, industry peers, and employees to improve environmental and social sustainability performance, to implement best practices, and to minimize reportable environmental events
Habitat and Wildlife Protection We commit to 350 acres of pollinator habitat with native species established or under development by 2025

Serving Customers and Communities

Category 2020 & Beyond Commitment
Safety Install approximately 90 remote-controlled or automated valves across company footprint
Safety We will continue to improve system integrity and reduce methane emissions by reworking storage wells and expand first-time pipeline inline assessments to reduce risk
Energy Reliability & Affordability Invest $7.85M to help families with electric energy bills along with strategic outreach events
Energy Reliability & Affordability We will achieve a 50 percent increase in savings of natural gas through energy efficiency programs by 2025
Community Development Expand broadband access to underserved rural communities in Virginia
Community Development Expand affordable broadband access to underserved rural communities in South Carolina
Community Development 35M over the next 6 years to support Historically Black Colleges and Universities and provide scholarships to underrepresented minority students
Supplier Diversity Dominion Energy works to ensure that small, local and diverse businesses can participate in our procurement process. To help deliver value to our customers and communities, we will generate a diverse supplier base reflective of the diverse population in the communities we support and achieve 20 percent in annual diverse spend by 2025
Environmental Justice We commit to increase inclusiveness of our stakeholder engagement on decisions regarding the siting and operation of energy infrastructure. Our efforts will include a focused effort to include to all people and communities, regardless of race, color, national origin, or income to ensure a diversity of views in our public engagement process

Empowering Employees

Category 2020 & Beyond Commitment
Retaining Talent Increase capacity and delivery of virtual training by 50 percent over 2019
Attracting Talent Leverage technology and develop tools to streamline a customer-focused hiring process including creating standardized metrics to measure improvements
Attracting and Retaining Talent Increase our diverse workforce representation by 1 percent each year, until we achieve at least 40% diverse representation*
*To be adjusted as necessary based on position and market availability.
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