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At Dominion Energy, actions speak louder. We don’t just make promises, we keep them — and then document how we performed, so there is never any doubt.

2019 and Beyond

Our Company

Category Commitments: 2019 and Beyond
Values, Ethics & Compliance To continue to reinforce the importance of ethics, employees will complete annual training in ethics and compliance. In addition, employees will certify annually that any potential compliance items have been reported or are already being addressed.
Values, Ethics & Compliance We will continue to promote and enforce our ethics and compliance program consistently throughout the organization.
Governance & Risk Oversight Engagement with Directors on ESG matters will continue at each regularly scheduled Board of Directors meeting.
Governance & Risk Oversight We will continue to improve our communication transparency on ESG matters with all company stakeholders.
Governance & Risk Oversight We will continue to enhance Board oversight of environmental sustainability and social responsibility matters.
Governance & Risk Oversight We will continue to deploy cybersecurity systems using a defense-in-depth approach, continuously strengthening our posture to identify and prevent external attacks as well as insider threats. We will revise the cybersecurity strategic plan at least annually, and will provide status updates and performance metrics to the Board of Directors and senior leadership. We will educate employees about cybersecurity threats through security-awareness training and test them regularly. We will conduct vulnerability scans and penetration tests to find weak points in our defenses. We will take part in cybersecurity drills and simulations to make us better at responding to cybersecurity threats and events. We will validate recovery procedures and system resiliency to ensure we can return critical systems to normal operating levels in a timely manner.

Clean Energy

Category Commitments: 2019 and Beyond
Innovation We will double the number of crowdsourced business and technical solutions in 2019 (compared to prior year); expand the company’s innovation accelerator program from the pilot program in one organization to all business units; collaborate with university faculty and students in the states where we operate; and deploy technologies such as data analytics, edge devices and mixed reality. We plan to substantially increase the number of pitch sessions across the company, where employees can present their ideas to broader audiences and gain exposure to bring ideas through the implementation stage. Dominion Energy is committed to seeking out disruptions to our industry and partnering with start-ups to infuse energy into our employees and business processes.

Through innovation we intend to grow the business and enhance performance. Our philosophy for success is that innovation is not a department, it is a culture. To bolster our innovation culture and capabilities in 2020 we will focus on deployment of the tools, skills, mindsets and processes necessary to embed and scale innovation. This effort will allow our employees to rapidly detect, define, develop and deliver innovative solutions that delight customers, grow the business and achieve new heights of excellence within core operations.
Investing in Infrastructure We will continue construction of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline to provide reliable natural gas to the region and pursue license extensions for our carbon-free nuclear fleet.
Clean Energy Diversity & Security – Virginia Dominion Energy commits to having 3,000 megawatts of new solar and wind under development or in operation by 2022. Further, Dominion Energy commits to completing the 12-megawatt Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind (CVOW) pilot project off the coast of Virginia, which is expected to be operational by the end of 2020.
Clean Energy Diversity & Security – Virginia With successful completion and operation of the CVOW pilot and public policy support in Virginia, Dominion Energy commits to the development of over 2,500 megawatts of commercial offshore wind production by 2026.
Clean Energy Diversity & Security – Virginia Dominion Energy is seeking Virginia State Corporation Commission concurrence with infrastructure programs including the deployment of 2.1 million smart meters to streamline integration of renewables while ensuring safe, secure and reliable service to customers.
Clean Energy Diversity & Security – Virginia The self-healing and grid-hardening activities in the company’s proposed Grid Transformation Plan will reduce outages by 25 percent over the next 10 years.


Category Commitments: 2019 and Beyond
Cleaner Air Carbon intensity reduction from electric generation of 60 percent by 2030 compared to 2000 levels.

Carbon emissions reduction from electric generation of 55 percent by 2030 compared to 2005 levels.

Carbon emissions reduction from electric generation of 80 percent by 2050 compared to 2005 levels.
Cleaner Air Methane Reductions: Dominion Energy East Ohio and Dominion Energy West Virginia have implemented a pipeline replacement program for main and service lines, committing to replace unprotected steel and cast-iron pipes at a level that meets or exceeds the EPA Natural Gas STAR Methane Challenge.
Cleaner Air By 2030, achieve over 3 billion miles driven by electric transportation in Virginia, resulting in the avoidance of 1 million tons of carbon emissions.
Cleaner Air 25 percent of light-duty fleet converted to electric or plug-in hybrid by 2025.
Cleaner Air The company commits to reduce methane intensity from its natural gas business by 50 percent by 2030 (from 2010 baseline).
Cleaner Air The company intends to reduce methane emissions from its natural gas business by 50 percent by 2030 compared to 2010.
Cleaner Air In our natural gas transmission businesses:
  • We will reduce or eliminate venting during planned maintenance and inspection.
  • We will replace targeted infrastructure and equipment with new, lower-emission equipment.
  • We will expand leak detection and repair programs.
Cleaner Air In our natural gas distribution businesses:
  • Beginning in 2019, we are voluntarily going beyond the regulatory requirements in Ohio to increase annual inspections and maintenance from 20 percent to 33 percent of our gas-regulator stations to identify leaks and help avoid methane emissions.
  • Beginning in 2019, we have invested in large-diameter stopping equipment, which expanded our ability to reduce the amount of gas blowdown on large-diameter construction projects, which will reduce methane emissions.
  • The company has committed to test and pilot new technology to reduce natural gas loss during inline pipe inspections.
Cleaner Air Beginning in 2019, Wexpro is lowering BTU output of all production burners to match current demand and will also perform a stack test with instrumentation to ensure complete combustion at optimal levels.
Clean Water Our business plans will result in a 50 percent reduction from 2000 levels in freshwater withdrawn per MW to generate electricity by 2030.
Clean Water The new produced water treatment system installed in 2018 at the Canyon Creek Unit Produced Water Evaporation Facility will allow an estimated 21 million gallons of water to be reused over the next five years.
Clean Water We will continue to proactively replace oil-filled electrical equipment to mitigate the risk of an oil release to the environment.
Clean Water We will implement measures to keep soils out of waterways by going above and beyond regulatory requirements during the construction of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. A few examples include:
  • More environmental inspectors and more frequent and rigorous inspections during rainstorms to make sure storm water protections are preventing runoff.
  • Stronger protections for sensitive streams, including increased distances for equipment refueling and additional controls to capture more sediment.
  • The strongest protections for steep-slope construction ever used by the industry, specifically designed to stabilize soils and protect ridgelines in mountainous areas.
Reducing Waste We will continue our zero-landfill policy by recycling IT equipment that we no longer use.
Reducing Waste We will increase the amount of waste recycled.
Reducing Waste We intend to divert 50,000 pounds of food waste from landfills through our organic recycling programs in 2020.
Habitat & Wildlife Protection We will continue to implement new design standards that include increased spacing on distribution lines for avian protection, animal guards on exposed equipment and other deterrents to animals coming near equipment.
Habitat & Wildlife Protection We commit to establish over 500 acres of pollinator habitat by 2020 and to pilot habitat plots on solar-farm sites.
Habitat & Wildlife Protection To protect birds near our gas-produced water evaporation ponds, we use netting or bird deterrents and will continue to implement these systems as new facilities are constructed in 2019.

Serving Customers and Communities

Category Commitments: 2019 and Beyond
Energy Reliability & Affordability To ensure reliability, we plan to rebuild 90 miles of electric transmission line in 2019 and 90 miles in 2020.
Energy Reliability & Affordability We will continue to enhance reliability and resiliency by converting approximately 260 miles of the most outage-prone overhead distribution tap lines to underground in 2019 and again in 2020.
Energy Reliability & Affordability In 2019, we will inspect 25 percent of company electric equipment housed in customer-owned vaults to ensure it is working properly. In 2020, we will inspect the remaining percentage.
Energy Reliability & Affordability We will perform line inspections on 2,500 miles of distribution main feeders, focusing on the reliability and safe operation of this equipment.
Energy Reliability & Affordability Our Western-state operations in Utah, Wyoming and Idaho will continue to replace high-priority natural gas infrastructure. This includes high-pressure mains, distribution mains and service lines.
Energy Reliability & Affordability In our natural gas distribution systems in West Virginia and Ohio, we will continue to implement our pipeline replacement programs to maintain reliability and reduce methane emissions.
Energy Reliability & Affordability In 2019, we will invest $5.4 million to help families with electric energy bills, will conduct 460 strategic outreach events and will allocate $6 million for weatherization efforts. In 2020, we will invest $7.85 million to help families with electric energy bills, will conduct strategic outreach events and will allocate $10.4 million for weatherization efforts.
Energy Reliability & Affordability We will achieve a 50 percent increase in savings of natural gas through energy efficiency programs by 2025.
Energy Reliability & Affordability Through our ThermWise program, we expect to increase savings from natural gas energy efficiency by 5 percent in 2019 compared to 2018.
Engaging Communities We will continue to work with stakeholders and Native American tribes to improve the way we engage with our neighbors. We also will continue to work closely with landowners to reasonably minimize impact to their property as we expand and modernize electric and gas infrastructure. We will further refine our engagement processes, and continue working with landowners to reach mutually acceptable agreements.
Safety In workplace safety, we will maintain and enhance our programs designed to maintain zero work-related fatalities and to lead the industry in eliminating serious injuries. We aim to demonstrate that commitment by achieving and maintaining first-quartile performance in the Southeastern Electric Exchange peer utility benchmark and we strive to achieve first quartile performance compared to American Gas Association (AGA) companies of similar size and category.
Safety Dominion Energy pipelines have partnered with the industry to improve response times. To support this initiative, we have committed to install an additional 250 remote-controlled or automated valves across the Dominion Energy footprint by 2020.
Safety We expect to increase the number of storage wells logged to more than 87 percent in 2019 and 90 percent in 2020.
Safety By the end of 2019, we will inspect 125,000 wood poles to ensure they meet Dominion Energy’s safe design standards.

Beyond 2019, we will inspect one-twelfth of our wood poles to ensure they meet Dominion Energy’s safe design standards. (Poles are inspected on a 12-year cycle.)
Safety We will inspect approximately 20,000 padmount transformers each year in 2019 and 2020 to ensure they meet the company’s safety and operational standards.
Safety Our gas distribution operations have implemented damage prevention programs to lower third-party damage rates and reduce methane emissions. Ongoing evaluation and implementation of additional prevention programs will continue.
Community Development In support of our partnerships with small, local and diverse businesses, we will conduct matchmaking events, pairing local businesses with our own employees to discuss upcoming opportunities. We will continue to cultivate and expand relationships with local businesses and advocacy organizations to encourage economic growth in our communities.

We will also enable opportunities for small, local and diverse businesses and increase spending with these organizations by:
  • Improving procedures to drive additional inclusion of small, local and diverse businesses in the procurement process.
  • Participating in and facilitating events to pair small, local and diverse businesses with Dominion Energy.
  • Continuing to develop our relationships with advocacy organizations and community partners to best enable opportunities for small, local and diverse businesses.
Community Development We will enhance environmental and social sustainability in procurement and supply chain operations by:
  • Partnering and benchmarking with environmental advocacy organizations and peers.
  • Reviewing and improving supplier evaluation, onboarding, education and measurement.
  • Improving business processes, policies and contract language to improve supply chain sustainability and advance at least 2 EUISSCA (Electric Utility Industry Sustainable Supply Chain Alliance) sustainability framework practices by 1 maturity level.
  • Conducting training, education and reporting activities to minimize reportable environmental events.
Community Development In 2019, we plan to invest nearly $35 million to support community needs in addition to encouraging and supporting employee volunteerism. Our goal is to exceed 130,000 hours of employee volunteer time. In 2020, we plan to invest more than $40 million to support community needs, in addition to encouraging and supporting employee volunteerism. We expect that employees will exceed 130,000 hours of volunteer time.
Community Development In 2019, our volunteers will weatherize 10 homes of veterans in need.

Employee Experience

Category Commitments: 2019 and Beyond
Attracting Talent To provide a positive work environment for employees, we will continue to strive for Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design construction standards in all new office spaces.
Attracting Talent Dominion Energy is committed to be an employer of choice.
Attracting Talent At Dominion Energy, our target for recruitment is to match the representation of the communities we serve.
Developing Talent 100 percent of staffing and hiring managers of interns will complete a series on unconscious bias in our online development platform by the end of 2019.
Attracting Talent To assist with the recruitment of skilled workers, we intend to host 10 teachers across the company for teacher externships in 2019.
Developing Talent We will increase training provided to employees by 10 percent or more in 2019 over 2017 levels.
Developing Talent We will have nearly 100 graduates or graduates in training of our Emerging Leader Program by the end of 2019.
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