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Water Protection

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Through careful construction and design, we are reducing water runoff and discharges and protecting streams, karst, and other critical aspects of the environment.
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Not only is Dominion Energy using less water at our facilities, we are taking measures to protect water amid construction activities.

Progress through 2019

We set a target to achieve a 50 percent reduction (from 2000 levels) in freshwater withdrawn per megawatt-hour (MWh) to generate electricity by 2030. Since 2000, we reduced the amount of freshwater withdrawn for each MWh generated by 48 percent.

We’re proud to support environmental grants to protect water and habitat. In 2019, we contributed $75,000 in environmental grants for StreamSweepers and The Nature Conservancy to support cleanup and restoration efforts in Southwest Virginia’s Clinch River, one of the most biodiverse river systems in North America.

We collaborated with the ACE Basin Task Force to relocate a transmission line to preserve the Edisto Island National Scenic Byway in South Carolina. The Ashepoo, Combahee, and Edisto Rivers, known as the ACE Basin, together form one of the largest undeveloped wetlands ecosystems remaining on the Atlantic Coast. The project culminated with Dominion Energy donating $50,000 to Ducks Unlimited South Carolina in honor of the ACE Basin community who endeavored to collaborate on this worthwhile project to balance the precious natural resources of this special watershed in harmony with the hardening of electrical infrastructure.

Dominion Energy and Western Reserve Land Conservancy launched the Watershed Mini Grants program in 2015 to serve organizations working to protect and improve land around rivers, lakes, and streams in Ohio. More than $142,000 has been awarded to 37 different watershed groups since the program’s inception. In 2019, 13 grant recipients across eight counties received $35,000 in grant funding for water-quality enhancement and restoration projects, as well as educational outreach projects.

Not only is Dominion Energy using less water at our facilities, we are taking measures to protect water in the design and construction of our projects.

LNG Facility

Cove Point LNG Facility

Cove Point

We use groundwater for facility processes and human consumption at our Cove Point LNG terminal in Maryland. The facility’s liquefaction zero-discharge design is the first of its kind for an LNG facility. Process water is recycled and reused, not released to the environment.

Further, Cove Point was designed to protect water. Eleven manmade wetlands within the 131 acres in which we operate were designed to hold water and allow plants to absorb nutrients out of the water.

Produced Water Treatment Skid

Canyon Creek in Wyoming

Canyon Creek

In 2018, Dominion Energy installed a Produced Water Treatment Skid at the Canyon Creek Produced Water Evaporation Facility in Wyoming. However, changing water quality of the evaporation ponds prevented the skid from being placed into service after the installation. Dominion Energy has been working with the skid vendor to find a solution and anticipates the treatment system will be operational in late 2020. This system will allow an estimated 15 million gallons of produced water — water that is brought to the surface during the production of natural gas — to be reused over the next five years at Canyon Creek and other operations in Wyoming.

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