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By adopting the latest technology and applying our own creativity, we are using less water and re-using what we do use. As we generate and deliver energy to our customers, we try to avoid impacts to waterways. Where we cannot, we put measures in place to protect them.

What you should know

We look for ways to minimize our water use.

Whenever we can, we return the water we use to its source.

We are finding innovative ways to conserve water even more.

Producing Power with Less Water

A pier at the Cove Point LNG terminal.
A pier at the Cove Point LNG terminal.

Water is a key part of energy production. Our strategy is to use less water as we transform our fleet and provide natural gas to our customers, and to protect waterways near our operations.

Through the use of new technology and the expansion of our renewable-energy fleet, we are eliminating the need to use water in many cases and finding new ways to conserve the water we use.

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