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We are making major changes in how we conduct our business — with a special focus on making the energy we provide cleaner and more environmentally friendly. We are investing heavily in renewables such as solar and wind, along with no- and low-carbon sources of energy to support them, and intensifying our focus on innovation so we can accelerate our progress toward a clean-energy future.

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We make substantial investments to build and maintain the systems that deliver energy to our customers.

We are shifting focus from big projects to big programs.

We are transforming our gas and electricity delivery networks.

4th largest solar fleet in operation or development among utility holding companies
Investing in Infrastructure

Clean Energy Diversity & Security

Electric transmission lines. We are making major investments in solar, wind and other forms of renewable energy.

We use nuclear power and natural gas to diversify our energy mix and provide backup for renewably sourced power on cloudy or windless days.

85% of energy generation comes from either clean energy sources such as nuclear, renewables and hydro, or natural gas-fired generation that supports renewables
Clean Energy Diversity & Security


We have a clearly defined innovation strategy.

We are creating a culture that encourages employees to experiment.

We seek out industry disruptions and external partnerships to sharpen our innovation skills.

We use internal and external partnerships to drive innovation forward.

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Providing clean, safe and reliable electricity and gas at affordable rates has always been the heart of business, and that will never change. But we know doing things the same way, or slightly better, is not good enough. We are making major changes in how we conduct our business — with a special focus on making the energy we provide cleaner and more environmentally friendly.

Investing in Infrastructure

We are transforming the networks that carry electricity and gas. We are seeking to extend the life of our carbon-free nuclear plants and exploring the potential for modular nuclear facilities. We are extending the reach of natural gas to make it available to the people and places that would benefit from it most, including gas-constrained regions of the eastern U.S. and foreign countries that still rely to a great extent on coal for power generation, oil for manufacturing, and propane for home heating.

We are diversifying our energy mix: adding more solar and wind power to displace fossil fuel generation; increasing storage capacity to backstop renewables on cloudy or windless days; creating new ways for customers to get and use energy; and expanding into new business lines, such as renewable natural gas — which takes more greenhouse gas out of the atmosphere than it puts back in.


Advancements like these make up a key part of our clean-energy strategy, so we are cultivating an innovative spirit in every corner of our company — while working with external partners and startups to ensure we are constantly looking at ourselves with fresh eyes.

We are not changing our mission, just our methods — and in the process, transforming the future of energy in America.

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