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Our integrated strategy has diversified our portfolio, cut carbon emissions and decreased the risks associated with over-reliance on any single power source.
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A New Mix

Power Generation Mix 2018
Based on 2018 data from company-owned generation, power-purchase agreements, and PJM data for market purchases.

Diversity advances sustainability; it’s as simple as that. Any one energy source can tax our natural resources if relied upon too heavily. And any single-threaded supply chain more easily falls prey to supply constraints, price swings, operational disruptions or external threats. By employing a variety of energy sources — including renewable sources — Dominion Energy safeguards the environment, protects the power supply and makes sure that our customers receive superior service around the clock.

Dominion Energy’s integrated strategy has significantly reduced both the volume of our greenhouse-gas emissions and our emissions intensity (a measure of the amount of greenhouse gases emitted per unit of energy produced). Over the past two decades, the company has both changed the fuel mix it uses to generate electricity and improved the systems that make up its natural-gas operations.

Our strategy for greater energy diversity and security includes the elements discussed in the following sections.

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