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We recruit potential employees from all walks of life, and we focus on recruiting and retaining top diverse talent through a variety of outreach efforts and a robust intern-to-employee pipeline.

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What you should know

We seek out top performers, no matter who they are.

We want our workforce to reflect the communities we serve.

We strive to create workspaces that meet the needs of our current employees and help attract new ones.

Power Generation Production Coordinator, Ryan Crabtree.

Our Focus

Group of diverse employees.
Reflecting the communities we serve is vital to our success.

Dominion Energy has always sought out top performers. But while excellence is a necessary condition, it is not sufficient. A Dominion Energy workforce that reflects the communities we serve is critical to the future of our company and serves the best interests of the communities we serve.

As the demographics of the general population and those of working age change, the makeup of our workforce must change as well. So we strive to be intentional with our hiring and retention strategies, and to focus on recruiting and retaining top diverse talent.

Our recruitment efforts focus on four key areas:

  • Educational institutions, including high schools, community colleges and career/technical education, as well as four-year colleges and universities;
  • Military resources, including armed forces transition offices, veterans representatives, and military-specific events;
  • Talent-pipeline resources such as the Center for Energy Workforce Development, Troops to Energy Jobs, and community organizations; and
  • Employment branding through social media, employee-resource groups, and other grassroots efforts.

In 2018, we launched the Dominion Energy Ambassador Program, which uses members from our Employee Resource Groups and other top performers and leaders to represent the company at recruiting events such as career fairs, panel discussions and information sessions.

Diversity Recruitment

Diversity recruitment image.

At Dominion Energy, diversity is a strength that allows us to better serve our customers, foster innovation and position the company for long-term success. We provide energy for everyone. To do that well, we must have a workforce that represents the diversity of the customers and communities we serve.

Here is a snapshot of diversity across our workforce as of August 31, 2019:

Dominion Energy employee diversity snapshot

% of workforce % of management
Minorities 19% 13%
Women 22% 17%

From 2013 through 2018, we raised our diverse hiring rate from 27 percent to 42 percent — an increase of 15 percentage points, or slightly more than half. While we value the diversity we currently have, we seek to build on that progress by making our workforce even more representative. For that reason, we are stepping up our recruitment of women, minorities, people with disabilities and other diverse candidates. Here are the main elements of our multi-pronged strategy to do that:

  • Hosting recruiting events at locations featuring large numbers of diverse candidates;
  • Revising hiring protocols to feature on-the-spot interviews and accelerated job offers at large recruiting events, allowing the company to be even more competitive in securing the best talent;
  • Employing a diversity recruiting specialist to inform, facilitate and execute a diversity sourcing strategy for the company that leverages national, regional and local partnerships with organizations that have access to diverse talent pools;
  • Requiring unconscious bias training for all hiring managers;
  • Offering up to 50 scholarships worth $5,000 each to diverse student interns each year; and
  • Providing tools for company leaders to monitor progress on our diversity goals.

Early results of our effort to bolster workforce diversity are positive. In the first five months of 2019, 29 percent of total new hires are minorities and 29 percent of total new hires are women. These diverse hiring rates outpace current representation in both categories.

Diversity is not sustainable without an inclusive work environment that provides meaningful development opportunities. For that reason, the company is focused on training and mentoring for all employees, including women and minority employees. Emerging leaders will naturally be identified through these efforts, and these individuals will ultimately add to the diversity of our management team.

Military Recruitment

Military and veteran recruitment image.

We make a special effort to recruit veterans. Dominion Energy has established relationships with state departments of veterans’ affairs, military installations, representatives of the National Guard and Reserves and other veteran-service organizations. Since 2012, we have hired more than 100 veterans per year.

As a result, several publications that serve the military — including GI Jobs and Military Times — repeatedly have recognized our company as one of the nation’s leading private employers for veterans. (For more information, see the Awards listings in the About Us section of this report.)

As of December 31, 2018, we employed 1,828 veterans — about 11 percent of our workforce.

Technical Recruitment

Interns from the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez.
Dominion Energy’s 2018 interns from the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez.

More than half the positions we need to fill do not require college degrees. So we work with career and technical education high schools to create a pipeline for many of those jobs. In 2018, we launched a Teacher Externship pilot program, bringing in three teachers for the summer to learn about our positions and the day-to-day roles of our employees. Our goal for 2019 is to host 10 teachers for similar externships across the company. We also are working with community colleges, and community organizations such as Goodwill, to help develop trained individuals from the communities we serve. The main objective is to ensure that high school students understand they have alternative paths to rewarding careers in the energy industry.


Dominion Energy Intern.

We hire hundreds of students each year to participate in paid internships. In 2018, our intern cohort represented 81 majors at 75 universities in 24 states.

Our internships involve more than a few weeks on the job and a project or two. Over the course of the summer, interns gain practical experience in their chosen field, test classroom theories in real-world settings and develop their professional skills.

The intern program provides a strong pipeline for entry-level professional roles. Historically, more than 70 percent of our interns return for multiple summers, and 75 percent of our seniors receive offers of employment. In 2018, we made full-time offers to 82 interns, or 86 percent of eligible students. Fifty-one percent of those offers went to diverse candidates. Seventy-one interns (89 percent) accepted.

Intern Cohort

Dominion Energy also seeks opportunities to expand internship programs throughout the company. For example, Dominion Energy Ohio, in partnership with Utility Workers Union of America Local G555, developed an internship specifically for positions that do not require a bachelor’s degree. In 2018, our Gas Infrastructure Group also launched an internship program that recruited candidates from areas near the path of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, with a special focus on diverse students. Eight students from schools such as West Virginia University, Case Western Reserve University, University of Richmond, University of North Carolina and Virginia Tech were hired for the following summer.

Improving Workspaces

600 Canal Place building in  Richmond.
600 Canal Place, Richmond.

Employee feedback is helping us design new workspaces, which not only improves daily conditions for existing employees but also helps us attract new ones. The Dominion Energy Workplace Plan is a company-wide effort to modernize workspaces to best meet the needs of employees, customers and communities — now and in the future.

Planning and research for this transformative effort began in 2014. New workplace standards were developed through research, testing and employee feedback.

Construction is underway or completed for a number of buildings that meet LEED design standards: 600 Canal Place in Richmond, Virginia, and the Petersburg, Virginia, District Office are under construction, and construction has been completed for other offices in Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

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