Our People

Attracting & Retaining Talent

A strong workforce makes a strong company.

We seek top performers, and we focus on recruiting and retaining top diverse talent through a variety of outreach efforts and a robust intern-to-employee pipeline. Then we invest heavily in our employees’ development to help them reach their full potential. We do not wait for good candidates to come to us; we seek them out through multiple channels to ensure a talent pool that is both broad and deep.

To make sure we look for a broad spectrum of qualified applicants, our recruitment efforts focus on the following key areas:

  • Educational institutions (e.g., high schools, trade schools, career & technical education centers, community colleges, and four-year colleges and universities);
  • The military (e.g., armed forces transition offices, veterans’ representatives);
  • Talent-pipeline organizations (e.g., the Center for Energy Workforce Development, the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, Society of Women Engineers, National Society of Black Engineers, community organizations);
  • Employment branding (e.g., through social media and employee resource groups); and
  • Diversity Scholarships and Pipeline Initiatives (e.g., the Dominion Energy Educational Equity Scholarship Program, our HBCU PromiseSM, the Dominion Energy/HACU Building Hispanic Talent Initiative, and our Careers in Energy Diversity Student Conference).

We provide multiple opportunities for continuous learning, including career guidance, leadership development programs, and tuition assistance. We have created and curated learning resources to support all stages of job and career growth and desired leadership development.

In September 2022, we launched the Sustainability Exchange Network, a new employee engagement platform focused on sustainability. The platform, which is featured prominently on our intranet site, supports employee education and collaboration on key focus areas for the company, including Net Zero, grid transformation, natural gas sustainability, electric vehicles, habitat and conservation, and more.

Employee Experience

We offer generous benefits, including flexible work schedules and parental leave. We regularly conduct an employee engagement survey and use the results to refine the employee experience. In 2020, employees said they wanted more interaction with top leadership. As a result, we introduced a series of company town halls where employees could hear from and ask questions to senior officers.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we allowed employees who could work from home to do so. As employees began to return to the office in the third quarter of 2021, we launched a one-year pilot to test whether we could make a 3-2 hybrid work schedule (three days in the office, two days teleworking) a durable part of how we operate at Dominion Energy. More than 7,500 employees responded to the company’s feedback survey on the pilot, and results indicated that employees valued how the flexibility of a hybrid schedule helped create balance in their professional and personal lives. As a result, we announced the company would make hybrid work permanent for those whose roles could accommodate it.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) play a vital role in our corporate strategy. In addition to our efforts to recruit and retain top diverse talent, we seek to create and maintain an inclusive work environment. We want our employees to feel a sense of belonging and show up as their authentic selves so they can contribute to a community where differences are celebrated, and perspectives are broadened.

We maintain comprehensive policies regarding DE&I, which are overseen by senior leadership through an Executive Diversity Council and reinforced with the support of diversity councils for each business segment. We have eight employee resource groups and regional chapters across our footprint for employees with shared backgrounds, experiences, and/or interests, as well as their ally colleagues.

From 2016 through 2021, we raised our diverse hiring rate from 36.2% to 57.5%, and raised our diverse workforce representation from 31.9% to 35.5%. In 2020, we adopted a goal to increase diverse workforce representation to at least 40 percent by the end of 2026. We are on pace to meet that goal, having increased representation 2.2 percentage points from 2020 through 2021.

Our annual incentive program (AIP) features an annual DE&I requirement that has included respect training, sexual harassment training, leader-led training on discrimination in the workplace, supplier-diversity goals, unconscious-bias training, and allyship training. Since we established the DE&I AIP goal in 2015, at least 95% of leaders and employees have successfully completed it annually.

In light of the ever-growing importance that DE&I is taking in our operations and strategy, in 2021 we issued our first public report on the subject. Our second report, covering calendar-year 2021, can be found hereopens in a new window. In addition to EEO-1 data and other workforce metrics, the report also provides further details about how we extend DE&I considerations into our communities and our supply chain.

Labor Relations

Dominion Energy respects the right of its employees to bargain collectively. Over one quarter of our employees are union members, and we are committed to building and maintaining relationships with the local unions that represent them.


The foregoing report details Dominion Energy’s progress on sustainability and corporate responsibility in 2021. It provides a snapshot of our performance during one calendar year. We remain committed to building on our 2021 progress as we pursue our vision of becoming the most sustainable energy company in America. During the months of preparation for this report, the company has continued to make strides on clean energy; customer service; support for our communities; diversity, equity, and inclusion; and more. For the latest on these developments, we invite you to visit our Environmental, Social, and Governanceopens in a new window page; our Media Roomopens in a new window; and our Investor Relationsopens in a new window site. Specific questions can be sent to esg@dominionenergy.com.