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At a Glance

Nearly 6 million customers in 19 states heat and cool their homes and power their businesses with electricity or natural gas from Dominion Energy. The company’s record of safe, reliable and clean energy regularly places it among America’s most admired utilities. Ranked fourth in the nation among utility holding companies for ownership of solar facilities, either operational or under development, Dominion Energy has cut its carbon intensity rate in half and has committed to reducing it 60 percent by 2030. The company also has committed to cutting its methane intensity from its natural gas business in half by 2030. Headquartered in Richmond, Va., Dominion Energy contributes more than $30 million annually to the communities it serves, supports military veterans and their families and practices environmental responsible stewardship everywhere it operates. To learn more, visit www.dominionenergy.com.

Key Stats

(As of and for the year ended December 31, 2017 unless otherwise noted)

50% Emission Rate Reduction Since 2000
233 Fortune 500 Rank as of 2018
$76.6 Billion Assets
More than 100,000 hours Volunteer Service
$3.035 Dividends Per Share for the Year Ended December 31, 2017
$3.60 Operating Earnings Per Share for the Year Ended December 31, 2017
$1.5 Billion Wages Paid
$12.6 Billion Operating Revenue for the Year Ended December 31, 2017
More than 16,000 Total # of Employees
$584 Million Environmental Expenditures
$70.87 - $85.30 Common Stock Price Range for the Year Ended December 31, 2017
$6.1 Billion Goods & Services
Richmond, VA. Headquarters
645 Million Common Shares Outstanding
60% Carbon Intensity Reduction Target (2000-2030) as of 2018
4th Largest Solar Fleet in Operation or Development in the U.S. as of 2018
2017 Best Year in Safety
$52.2 Billion Market Capitalization as of December 31, 2017
$30+ Million In Contributions to Charity and Worthy Causes in 2018
50% Reduction in Methane Intensity by 2030

Operating Groups

2017 % of Primary Operating Segment Earnings
*Excludes Corporate and Other

Generation Group


  • Utility power production
  • Merchant power production

Delivery Group


  • Electric distribution
  • Electric transmission

Infrastructure Group


  • Natural gas distribution
  • Natural gas transmission & storage
  • Liquefied natural gas services
  • Retail energy marketing
Portfolio of Assets
Electric Generating Capacity 26,000 Megawatts Approximately
Electric Transmission & Distribution Lines 64,500 Miles
Natural Gas Transmission, Gathering; Storage & Distribution Pipeline 66,000 Miles
Underground Natural Gas Storage Capacity 1 Trillion Cubic Feet
Liquified Natural Gas Import/Export & Storage 1.8 Billion Cubic Feet Daily Send-Out Capacity
14.6 Billion Cubic Feet Storage Capacity

Where We Work

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