We want to hire diverse employees who represent the communities we serve, then help them develop to their full potential so that they enjoy long, healthy and fruitful careers with us.

We want to hire diverse employees who represent the communities we serve, then help them develop to their full potential so that they enjoy long, healthy and fruitful careers with us.

Talent Strategy

A company that hopes to have a successful future must attract strong candidates and retain talented employees. The more than 16,000 Dominion Energy employees who provide energy to our customers and communities make up one of our greatest strengths. To ensure that we sustain that excellent work force, we continue to improve how we attract new talent, develop employees and future leaders and ensure that the work environment is diverse and inclusive.

Workforce by Age, 2017

Our Strategy:

To continually craft a vibrant, forward-looking company that attracts the best people for the job no matter who they are, that welcomes diverse candidates and that is inclusive of everyone.

How We Performed:

We hired a diverse group from our 2017 intern class, increased the reimbursement amount of our Education Assistance Program by 30 percent, overhauled our performance-assessment system and upgraded work spaces for hundreds of employees.

2018 Targets Status
Leaders and employees will complete training in diversity and inclusion. Training on diversity and inclusion is underway for employees and leaders.
To provide a positive work environment for employees, we will strive for Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) construction standards in all new office spaces. Construction is underway for a number of buildings designed for LEED standards: 600 Canal Place in Richmond, Virginia; Oakford, Pennsylvania; Petersburg, Virginia, District Office; and the Greensville, Virginia Power Station administrative building. Our Summersville, West Virginia building is complete and LEED certification is expected.

Where We’re Headed:

In the fall of 2018 we began conducting our biannual employee survey, which proved to be a fruitful source of ideas for change in 2016. We will continue to diversify our workforce to better reflect the changing demographics of the communities in which we do business. We will continue to seek out top diverse candidates and veterans, and to train and educate current employees for advancement. In 2019 we intend to expand our teacher externship program.

Our Commitments:

We aim to have 100 percent of staffing and hiring managers of interns complete a series on unconscious bias in our online development platform by the end of 2019.

Our target for recruitment is to match the representation of the communities we serve. We have a multi-year strategy to support meeting this goal.

To assist with the recruitment of skilled workers, we intend to host 10 teachers across the company for teacher externships in 2019.

We aim to increase the training provided to employees by 10 percent or more in 2019 over 2017 levels.

We expect to have more than 100 graduates or graduates-in-training of the Emerging Leader program by the end of 2019.

Attracting Talent

Dominion Energy has been recognized as one of the country’s Best Employers for Diversity.

We’re interested in capable individuals from all walks of life.


Dominion Energy has always sought out top performers. But while excellence is a necessary condition, it is not sufficient. A Dominion Energy workforce that reflects the communities we serve is critical for the sustainability of both our company and society at large.

The United States is seeing a major shift in the generational, gender and cultural makeup of our national workforce. Our company is seeing the same changes. Nearly one-third of our workforce is above age 55 — and therefore eligible to retire soon. Today’s minority populations will become the majority around the year 2030, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. By 2043, today’s minority will become the majority of all adults. This means that changing demographics and skilled-labor shortages could have an even greater effect on our long-term success than technology, commodity prices or competitive pressures.

The demographic makeup of our workforce must change as well. This requires us to be intentional with our hiring and retention strategies, and to focus on recruiting and retaining top diverse talent.

Diversity Recruitment

Dominion Energy aims to hire and retain millennial talent and promote minorities and females within the utility industry by awarding $5,000 scholarships to up to 50 diverse students each year. Recipients take part in additional opportunities, including innovation and leadership development events, a formal mentoring program, and Dominion Energy Scholarship Days.

Military Recruitment

We make a special effort to recruit veterans and people with military experience. Dominion Energy has established relationships with state departments of veterans’ affairs and services, military installations, representatives of the National Guard and Reserves and other veteran-service organizations.

As a result, several publications that serve the military – including GI Jobs, Military Times and U.S. Veterans – repeatedly have recognized our company as one of the nation’s leading private employers for veterans. Dominion Energy also has received numerous awards (PDF) for its support of veterans and service-member employees, including the 2017 Triumph Award from the Virginia Department of Veterans’ Services.

From 2010 to 2017, Dominion Energy hired nearly 1,100 veterans — almost 20 percent of all new hires during that period. As of April 2018, we employed 1,729 veterans. That’s more than 10 percent of our total workforce and is aligned with industry norms for veterans in the workforce.

Technical Recruitment

More than half the positions we need to fill do not require college degrees. So we are partnering with career and technical education high schools to create a pipeline for many of those jobs. In 2018, we launched a Teacher Externship pilot program, bringing in three teachers for the summer to learn about our positions and the day-to-day roles of our employees. Our goal for 2019 is to host 10 teachers for similar externships across the company. We also are working with community colleges, and community organizations such as Goodwill, to help develop trained individuals from the communities we serve. The main objective is to ensure that high school students understand they have alternative paths to rewarding careers in the energy industry.


Dominion Energy hires hundreds of students each year to participate in paid internships. In 2018, our intern cohort represented 81 majors at 75 universities in 24 states.

Our internships involve more than a few weeks on the job and a project or two. Over the course of the summer, interns gain practical experience in their chosen field, test classroom theories in real-world settings and develop their professional skills.

The intern program provides a strong pipeline for entry-level professional roles. More than 70 percent of our interns return for multiple summers, and 75 percent of our seniors receive offers of employment. In 2017, we made offers to 83 percent of students, and 53 percent of those offers were to diverse candidates.

Dominion Energy also seeks opportunities to expand the internship program throughout the company. For example, Dominion Energy Ohio, in partnership with Utility Workers Union of America Local G555, developed an internship program specifically for an area of the business with positions that do not require a bachelor’s degree.

Developing Talent

Training and education provide employees with many opportunities for advancement.

We want people to achieve and advance at Dominion Energy, so we devote considerable resources to employee and leader development.

Directed Learning

To help employees hone their skills, Dominion Energy also offers – and sometimes requires – substantial training. Across the company, Dominion Energy employees and leaders received more than 300,000 hours of training in 2017. Our goal is to increase this by 10 percent or more in 2019.

In 2018 we increased the reimbursement amount of our Education Assistance Program — thanks to polling feedback from participating employees. The annual reimbursement for non-union employees is rising from $5,250 to $7,500. All regular active, full-time and part-time non-union employees who work at least 1,000 hours a year are eligible to take advantage of this benefit.

In 2017 we revamped employee performance reviews, replacing an older system that relied heavily on documentation and numeric ratings, and adopting a more forward-looking model called “Performance Connections.” The new approach focuses on quarterly discussions between employees and their supervisors about accomplishments, strengths, growth opportunities and action plans to create a sense of shared accountability for timely feedback and progress toward established career and skill development targets and team business goals.

A Learning and Development group oversees the company’s approach to talent development, along with a Training Council that includes representatives from each business unit’s training organization. The goal is to provide a consistent and progressive approach to training that engages the workforce and fosters a culture of learning company-wide. The Training Council implemented an Emerging Leaders program in September 2018. The intent is to prepare future leaders before they are promoted.

Self-Guided Learning

The company encourages employees to take an active role in their career development.

In addition to traditional programmatic training, a new and creative approach to engage employees in their own development launched in all locations and at all levels of the company in June 2018. Employees are encouraged to access this unprecedented training platform through an on-line tool that offers unique and relevant topics and learning methods designed to enhance employees’ knowledge in a variety of areas. Over 75 percent of employees accessed this platform within the first month of its implementation. Our goal is to increase the access rate to 85 percent by mid-2019.

Employees can make use of the Dominion Energy Career Center, which encourages them to take an active role in planning their careers by assessing their skill sets and interests, while enhancing their awareness of positions in the company for which they are qualified. The Career Center offers career counseling, interview coaching, goal setting, résumé development and more. The company also provides workshops on request covering topics such as interview preparation, résumé building and personal branding.

All business groups work to identify and develop candidates for positions of leadership. As employees advance, they participate in a sequence of training modules to develop a consistent understanding of fundamental leadership principles. As they advance to higher levels in the company, leaders participate in a multi-month journey focused on even higher levels of learning and exposure to broader Dominion Energy strategies.

Retaining Talent

Employee survey results show a general sense of pride in working for Dominion Energy.

In 2016 we conducted a biannual, company-wide survey of all employees – union and non-union alike – to hear what they think and feel about working at Dominion Energy. More than 7,000 employees participated.

Their responses revealed strong support for the company’s core values. Employees feel a general sense of pride in working for Dominion Energy. They also pointed out several opportunities for improvement, such as more training opportunities and frequent, clear communications from senior leadership.

Based on that feedback, we made several changes. We revised our hiring policy and promotion process and created “Dominion Energy Town Hall Meetings” with company executives. The 2018 survey was conducted in the fourth quarter of 2018.

Accommodating Families

Parental Leave

At Dominion Energy we understand the value of providing the opportunity for new mothers and fathers to bond with their newborn or newly adopted child without worrying about work. The company offers up to 120 hours of paid parental leave for eligible full-time employees and up to 60 hours of paid parental leave for eligible part-time employees.

Flexible Work Schedules

The company understands the importance of work/life balance by offering a wide range of flexible work schedules in business areas that are able to accommodate diverse schedules that are unlike the traditional workweek (five eight-hour days).

Improving Workspaces

Employee feedback is helping us design new workspaces.

Modernizing the workplace also helps attract and retain talent, ensuring that we remain a strong, successful company for many years to come. The Dominion Energy Workplace Plan is a company-wide effort to modernize workspaces to best meet the needs of employees, customers and communities — now and in the future.

Planning and research for this transformative effort began in 2014. New workplace standards were developed through research, testing and employee feedback.

Through either new construction or renovation of existing properties, Dominion Energy upgraded the work spaces of 190 employees in 2017. By the end of 2018, we will have upgraded the work spaces of 760 more – and will follow that up by upgrading work spaces for 1,360 employees in 2019.

At the same time, as we build new offices we are reducing our environmental footprint by producing more energy-efficient, healthy and cost-effective buildings that will allow us to seek LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification.

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