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2016–2017 Sustainability and
Corporate Responsibility Report


We are in a time of change, both in our businesses and the expectations of our stakeholders. A 2017 materiality analysis is helping shape our sustainability strategy by better understanding the issues important to our stakeholders. These issues drive this report’s content and organization: serving customers and communities, environmental stewardship, our culture, and our business for the future.

Serving Customers & Communities

We always strive to balance the need to invest in energy reliability with the responsibility to keep customer rates low. We work hard to try to avoid impacts to the environment, landowners and communities. The employees and retirees of Dominion Energy give our time and our money to the communities where we live and serve.

Environmental Stewardship

Renewable energy—especially solar power—sits at the center of our climate change strategy. While our environmental commitment starts with full compliance with regulations, the expectation goes further. We meet or go beyond applicable laws and regulations and pursue opportunities to create and preserve shareholder value while doing what’s right for our employees, customers and communities.

Our Culture

Four core values guide the men and women of Dominion Energy: Safety, Ethics, Excellence, and One Dominion Energy—our term for teamwork. New employees learn them on Day One. They are continually reinforced throughout the company and throughout everyone’s career. They are part of who we are as a company.

Our Business for the Future

Dominion Energy is investing up to $4.2 billion annually through the middle of the next decade to provide cleaner energy to our customers over a more robust, secure system of natural gas pipelines and electric wires. We know that our future will be shaped not by the strength of our legacy, but by how well we embrace a commitment to innovation—and to protecting the energy grid and preserving the privacy of customer information.

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