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2016–2017 Sustainability and
Corporate Responsibility Report

About This Report

This is Dominion Energy’s 10th annual Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Report, which highlights the company’s social, economic and environmental performance in 2016 and 2017. The publication date of this edition is March 2018.

Organization and Process

The contents of this report are organized to address topics of material interest to key stakeholder groups and to our company and industry. For the purpose of this reporting process, we define materiality to include issues that may be helpful to stakeholders in evaluating Dominion Energy’s sustainability commitments and performance over time.

Data collection and presentation are based on input received from internal subject matter experts and from external stakeholders via our online mailbox and other communication channels. Our reporting following the Global Reporting Initiatives’ G4 Guidelines and Electric Utilities Sector Disclosures in accordance with core-level requirements as outlined in our GRI Content Index, which can be found at

Report content was thoroughly reviewed by internal teams and senior company management to ensure its accuracy, reliability and transparency. We did not see external assurance for the report. Our reporting process continues to evolve as we learn from experience, best practices and input from stakeholders.

Scope and Guidance

Reporting is structured on a corporate basis and all data is aggregated by means of internal tracking and measurement systems. This report covers our owned and operated business and does not include the performance our suppliers, contractors and partners unless otherwise noted.

Material Issues

We conduct an annual materiality analysis to inform any modification of our report content. This assessment aligns with and reflects our four core values — safety, ethics, excellence and teamwork — and involves a wide range of stakeholder inputs, including customer surveys; internal subject matter expert analysis and other employee inquiries; investor and security analyst feedback; industry benchmarking; regulatory and policy trends; media coverage; specialized corporate responsibility organizations and publications; and stakeholder feedback on previous reports.

We also consult the standardized sustainability metrics and topics published by the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board for electric and gas utilities. This helps us determine what may constitute material information at the industry level and communicate our performance in a manner that promotes disclosure and comparability.

The company’s senior leadership team is ultimately responsible for deciding which information is material and relevant for disclosure. We manage the risks and opportunities inherent in our material issues through established business strategies and processes, informed management decision making and effective stakeholder engagement.

Feedback and Additional Information

We disclose additional GRI-related information in our submission to the Carbon Disclosure Project, our Greenhouse Gas Report, and our annual 10-K filing and other company reports, which are available on our web-based “Downloads” page. The Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Report should read injunction with our 2016 and 2017 Summary Annual Reports, which are available on the Investors page of our website. We courage you to explore the many aspects of Dominion Energy on our website, and we welcome your comments, questions and suggestions at

Forward-looking Statements

This report may contain forward-looking statements as defined by federal securities laws. Discussion of factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from management’s projections, forecasts, estimates and expectations are described in the company’s most recent Securities & Exchange Commission filings on Forms 10-K and 10-Q.